50 mg clomid success stories

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50 mg clomid success stories

These are the days that the doc talked with me about as the first round did not work at all. I guess I am a very lucky woman. I prayed so long for this and was really beginning to think I may never be able to have children of my own. Then, you take the clomid days Which showed one perfect little bean with a perfect heartbeat. Pregnant after 9 years of infertility/clomid success story!

One push for my son and two for my daughter. They are going to be 17 weeks old on Tuesday. I know this is just our story, but we would not have been able to concieve at all without the help of clomid. Good luck to all you TTC. I was on clomid days and just got my BFP today! I still can't believe it. I just hope everything goes okay. Good luck to everyone. I will be 11wks on Friday.

So, hang in there Uneventful pregnancy for the most part. The day I delivered I has just gone to the dr. I was in labor and didn't know it until my Dr. I guess I am a very lucky woman. I, too, am looking for success stories while using Clomid. Did you have any side-effects? I am currently taking 50mg and am having hot flashes like you wouldn't believe. Although it's cool in Februrary, I'm constantly having to wear light clothing. I am on clomid 50mg days and will go for IUI probably this weekend when lh surge positive or if not doc.

I wondering how many eggs you had at the time you conceived your triplets? What days you had clomid and what ages are you? I am 39 and have no kids. I heard from some ladies they had 3,4 or even 7 eggs for IUI and they havent conceived twins or more. I am on clomid round 3 now and not expecting anything glamorus can happend to me. All ladies in may family been fertile till 50,55 but I am the only one whos been on pills for ages and clomid now.

Appologise if this is too much for you to answer, but I am so desparate to have kids. This weekend should have IUI. Please if you can tell me, how many follies you had and what size they been? What clomid days you had and how much did you take? I dont think I am lucky to be fertile like you and beside 39 without any kids. I have just 2 follies this month so my chances are zero?! God bless you all. We have been TTC for 3 years I took 1 round of Clomid 50mgs days last month for the Clomid Challenge Test.

I failed the test miserably and my Dr. But, today I am 6w pregnant and just had my first US yesterday. So far so good! Yeah Lilly how very exciting. Just finished my first round of 50 mg clomid today. Praying for a miracle. Are you New to the forum? Want Twins Does So Know. I took the trigger on CD14 I think. Walter Allen and Eleanor Joan 1. I've been on clomid 3 "rounds". First round, I go pregnant on the 2nd cycle ended in blighted ovum. Second round, pregnant on 2nd cycle trisomy I got pregnant on the first round 25 mg of Clomid.

I had to have a trigger shot as well. This is after 3 early miscarriages. I'm now 18 weeks pregnant. Good luck to you I did and didn't O until day I would say you are definitely still in this! This "round" I got pregnant on my first month back on clomid, also on days I ovulated on Day Temp spike puts the crosshairs right at CD I got pregnant on my first clomd cycle I took mg days and O'd on CD I O'd earlier than I normally do but still later than the reported days after last pill that you hear about.

I got pregnant on the first round! I took 50 mg days I did not O until day 19 or I O'd on CD19 this cycle and am currently pg. I see you are new, but this story is really dangerous. Clomid is a dangerous drug that should be taken under the supervision of a doctor preferably a RE compared to an OB and with careful monitoring. Taking the wrong dose can lead to high order multiples, devastating cysts, and a host of other problems.

Not everyone tolerates clomid well. On my first round, I did fine, other than some hot flashes and headaches. It also delayed my o so it lengthened my cycle, an effect my RE wanted. Given that I responded well, I was really upset when I did not become pregnant that first clomid cycle. In clomid rounds 2 and 3 the headaches and hot flashes increased, but my o was earlier and we had no luck.

By the 4th round of clomid, I did not o at all. My body simply does not tolerate clomid well. Thankfully I was being monitored, so we knew what was happening. I also began to develop cysts on both ovaries after that 4th round. Of course, clomid works for a lot of women and OP I wish you the best of luck this cycle. Remember if it doesn't work, many women see success in later rounds or with different medications.

A lot of IF is trial and error. But sofia13 you are extremely lucky. You should never take a powerful hormone changing drug like that without the care of a doctor. Please do not encourage others to do so. I know the desperation of wanting a baby with almost impossible odds stacked against you, but what you did could have ended so very differently and not for the better.

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