Clomid success rate cycle clomid 100mg and iui

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clomid success rate cycle clomid 100mg and iui

So, I know I ovulated.. It might be worth going ahead with just clomid but it is true that it might not end up being very useful. I have had 3 cycles of clomid currently taking the 3rd cycle. I got the negative blood pregnancy results today. Good introductory article for the general public! Our Network of Sites Includes: We are doing some blood work and trying some things with a naturopath for the next few months and going to see how that goes. Our success with Clomid

You currently have 0 posts. We conceived our angel with Clomid. Our DS though, like a pp put was a "Holy carp, how did that happen? The thing about Clomid and Femara - any of the fertility drugs, really though is that so many docs will prescribe it and send you on your way. You really need to be monitored. You have no way of knowing if it's working if you're not monitored while you're on it. Monitoring also tells you if you're hyper-stimulating your ovaries, which can be very dangerous, and is a possible side-effect of these drugs.

I know that most of the time I was on Clomid, I'd grow follicles, but I wouldn't actually ovulate without a trigger shot. If I hadn't been monitored, we wouldn't have known that I wasn't releasing the follicles, and that can actually be dangerous. During HSG you get like 2s of radiation. Plus it very small amount,,,Don't be afraid of radiation, be afraid of cramps - those were terrible! I just had the HSG and everything was fine no blocked tubes or abnormalities , although you are right, it was quite painful and crampy.

The nurse who performed the test said that it can't see fibroids or polyps, though, unless there were a really big one, so that kind of bummed me out because I thought it was supposed to check for that too. Radiation from automatic doors?? Oh, jeez, I didn't even think about stuff like that, but I guess it is everywhere. My husband works for an airline so we fly a lot so I should probably worry more about the radiation from flying than from a necessary medical test: I just don't like to get any x-ray that I feel may not be totally necessary.

I haven't had an x-ray at the dentist in about 4 years. Bu in the end I decided that this one was necessary. We are doing some blood work and trying some things with a naturopath for the next few months and going to see how that goes. We're still deciding if we would do Clomid alone or with IUI. I really appreciate y'alls input and experience - It is really helpful.

Our fertility specialist said that Chlomid thickens your cervical mucus so much that IUI is needed for best results. We just did a cycle, sadly without getting pregnant. I got the negative blood pregnancy results today. Going in for an endometrial biopsy tomorrow, and hopefully some more information and a plan for what is next. All of our fertility treatments are out of pocket, so this is getting expensive fast.

I used Clomid and we had intended to do an IUI, but on the first try my doctor ended up being unavailable when the follicle was ready, so he said "We'll call this cycle a write-off and try again next month. So, chalk up one ancdote for one month of low-dose Clomid and no IUI. The result is now nine and a half and just got her ears pierced My brother and I are both Clomid babies: My mother was told in the s that chances of her getting pregnant were slim; she was put on Clomid to regulate her cycles and when she thought she had the flu, went to to the doctor and it was me making her sick!

I have had two monitored Clomid cycles, one IUI, and am now on my third cycle of un-monitored Clomid obvs these treatments were not all in a row, there was a break after the failed IUI , so it hasn't worked fo rme yet, but I am living proof that it can: Here's my anecdotal evidence We have done 10 cycles I'm partnered with a woman, so each try was with some sort of intervention. The first 7 were unmedicated IUIs.

The last 3 were Clomid with fresh sperm we switched from frozen sperm to using a known donor , basically Clomid without IUI, and got pregnant on the 2nd and 3rd tries both also ended in losses. Next cycle we are trying both and hoping for a baby that sticks around. I don't believe her assertion that Clomid is only effective with IUI at all! Neither does our RE who is at the top of his field. And yes, if you are already paying for monitoring it might make sense to do the IUI as well, especially if you are getting impatient like me: Rachelette, I'm in the exact same boat as you.

I just got my negative blood work today. I was supposed to get a endometrial biopsy tomorrow but I can't because of work obligations so if AF doesn't come on Wednesday, I'll be getting it then. I still don't understand why they didn't do a biopsy before we spent more than a thousand dollars on the IUI but I guess it's too late to wonder anyway. I may not be able to get in to do an IUI this month either again, because of work obligations so I am hoping that clomid alone will work, in case I need to do that.

Also, has anyone ever tried mucinex to increase cervical mucus? Renavoo, sorry for NPT I was taking clomid this month and getting ready for IUI, to bad today ultrasound showed am not ovulating and it doesn't look I will at all. My dr put me on mg now When I took clomid only my dr told me use clear blue easy tests, those with the smile Now RE told me use the same tests too, I guess docs trust this one,,,I didn't tried any meds for my mucus because I didn't see any mucus decrease, but I heart cough meds helps Anyways, you should do homework every second day and you wont miss!

I am taking clomid this cycle as a part of a clomid challenge test. I took it last November, and I felt like it dried up my CM I mentioned that to my RE who give me a prescription for estrodial to take with the clomid. If you are interested, I can tell you if it worked in a week and a half or so Hey Lega, I'm sorry about you not ovulating. I hope the higher dose helps. What day are you at? I just got AF today so I guess I will start clomid in 2 days! Interestingly, my doctor started me on mg immediately 2 pills x 50mg.

I guess she assumed that I would need the extra kick. Last time, three follicles developed by the time she gave me the hcg. Let's see how it goes this month! I'm concerned, however, about my work schedule. I may not be able to get the IUI this month because it's so busy. But my hubby and I decided we'll just take it one day at a time. I find it interesting that they give you estradiol. I thought the point of the clomid was to stop the production of the estrogen so that the body increases the FSH hormones to help the follicles grow.

Do you take the estradiol a few days after the clomid or do you take them both at the same time? Is anyone else worried about all these hormones we're infusing or stimulating in our body? Estradiol, hcg, progesterone, clomid activity I wanted to ask to see if the mucinex did anything. I will ask next time! I was thinking today that if my body doesn't react to mg I would like to try IUI without meds,,,Because I am ovulating without the meds,,,,.

I hate what clomid does to me,,,I am so sensitive and unstable and with the job I have it doesn't help at all. You can feel it how much it comes out Two days before O I am so wet, thats how I know I am about to ovulate. Hey Lega, I wish. For some reason, this month and into next month will be a crazy time. So I won't be able to call out from work. I feel like everything is working against me this time around! I think that we will try the clomid alone this cycle and see how that works out.

I wasn't able to assess my CM last time because of the trigger shot so this time, I'll see whether I do get mucus on clomid. When do you take the clomid? I didn't have any side effects and I am wondering if it's because I take it at night. I had miscarriage in January and don't want to wait any longer so if that speeds up the process I'm willing to try. Let's see if my doc will agree to do that or not.

We'll see how it goes. Happy healthy nine months to you!: I start my Clomid tonight 50 mg first cycle, days , a little nervous for the whole twin thing. I did two cycles of 50 mg Clomid with IUI. Had mature follicles both times. The second cycle was a success, and I'm 18 weeks pregnant with a little girl. I got pregnant currently 20w4d after my 4th IUI, which was my first with 50 mg clomid. The HSG showed my tube was clear I only have one ovary thanks to a gigantic cyst removed 2 years ago but my doc said some women seem to have an easier time getting pregnant after an HSG, even when tubes are clear.

The IUI was with donor sperm yay for 21 year old sperm , because my husband has a congenital disease he doesn't want to pass on. I got pregnant first try with Clomid, and the night before my 7 week ultrasound I had a dream that there were 7 embryos in there! The nurse laughed and thankfully we only saw one heartbeat that day! I'm 20w4ds now and baby is doing great! Did anyone else HATE taking the pills? I was so hormonal i think hubby hates me now.

Lol I really hope we get pregnant this month cause I don't think I can go through another cycle. Im 43 and just completed my 1st round of Clomid 50 mg. Actually today I am due to start my cycle I cldnt help it I took a hpt


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