What is clomid pregnancy success

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what is clomid pregnancy success

Most people who get pregnant using Clomid conceive within their first three or four cycles. No matter how well clomiphene works to make you ovulate, you will have difficulties getting pregnant unless you have good enough quality eggs, his sperms are OK, your tubes are open and you are at the optimal weight. Obviously if you get pregnant then you know that you did ovulate, but let's not get ahead of this. Our Network of Sites Includes: I got pregnant on the 1st round of clomid 50 mg. I really hope this works because I'm starting to get discouraged:

Most women start by taking a low dose of 50mg, this may then be increased in the future. You can take Clomid for up to six menstrual cycles at a time. You will be advised to start taking Clomid within five days of the start of your menstrual period — your doctor will advise you of which day to start treatment. If you are not menstruating at all, or if you have very irregular cycles, you may be prescribed a synthetic version of the hormone progesterone to re-establish your periods before you can start taking Clomid.

Ovulation usually occurs between five and nine days after you finish your course of Clomid. Some women will ovulate and fall pregnant during the first month of treatment, whereas for others it may take longer for ovulation to begin. Your healthcare provider may monitor you during treatments to assess how your ovaries are responding to the drug. Some women release a number of mature eggs at once during treatment, which can increase the risk of multiple pregnancies.

If after six months you have still not ovulated, it may be determined that you are not responding to Clomid. At this point, your healthcare provider may recommend increasing the dosage. If you are still not responding to treatment at mg and mg a day, you may be resistant to clomifene. If you are clomifene resistant, your healthcare provider will be able to tell you more about the other treatment options available to you. In the BellyBelly forums, members have shared lots of experiences of using Clomid.

Check out our conception or long term trying to conceive forums, which includes threads especially for clomid users. After reading about clomid, I have hope. Keep me in your prayers. Hi, I have been trying to conceive for 3 years now with no success. I was however on 50mg of clomid on my first 2 cycles. Both previous 50ml treatments made me get a period on day 21….

The blood test I had done indicated no ovulation occoured. I hope the mg course works this time round. Good luck to all you women out there trying to conceive like me. My husband and I have also tried IVF…. I think clomid is a great start for fertility problems. Bt did nt wrk 4 me, it makesme nt to knw when am ovulating bcos feel difft pains in my tummy, bubbles and weakness, nw am on clomid I stared dis month 17th while my period is 15th so am praying to God to make av a child d end of it, I will come here and testify d wrk to u all tanks.

Wishing you the best of luck! I got pregnant on the 1st round of clomid 50 mg. If never showed that I ovulate and the blood work showed I wasn't pregnant. Started my 2nd round of provera and I never got my period to start clomid. Took a PT and it was positive! So it works just need to have faith. I have two wonderful boys a 6 years old and a 14 months old. My husband and I are ready to try clomid again and hoping it works on the 1st try.

Going to see my doctor next week. Best of luck to every one of y'all!! Hi, Here is my story, me n my husband are planning to have a child since 3 months now. Hi there, If you are over the age of 35, you should try to conceive for 6 months before seeing a fertility doctor. You have only tried for 3 months? Most people take 6 - 12 months to get pregnant.

You shouldn't be on any fertility medications yet if nothing is wrong,, like gyno said. There is no reason to be upset after only 3 months of TTC. Try and relax and realize it is VERY normal for it to take a while. After a year of trying, then be concerned N. I already had 3 successfull pregnancy without the help of clomid now 34 yrs old and i want another child so i was trying for 3months to get pregnant but it was unsuccessful so my doctor put me on clomid for the first tym.

I just want to know is it possible to get pregnant after the first treatment of clomid? I am a firm believer in second opinions. In addition to an ultrasound, you should have your hormones tested on day 3 of your cycle. These doctors have advanced training and specialize in helping women who are having a hard time getting pregnant. Let me know if you'd like more info. My insurance doesn't cover fertility treatments so I will have to pay all of it on my own.

My ob had no hesitation in prescribing 3 rounds of Clomid Would be ok for me to try for at least the 3 cycles before going to see an RE? Clomid is often the first line of treatment - and three cycles is a reasonable number to try. Most women who get pregnant with Clomid do so within three cycles. Hopefully your ob has done some testing to understand your particular situation. If you're not pregnant after three cycles, it does make sense to move on to an RE. We have been TTC for a little over 1 year now, I made an appointment with my ob and I told him that I have a period every month that varies between 28 and 30 days, and I have been tracking my OV with an OPK and most months are different, some months I ov the week after my period and some months are 2 weeks later, so was hard to predict.

So he did an ultrasound and told me that everything looks great and prescribed me 3 rounds of Clomid He said it would help me ov consistently and help me release more eggs. I have not taken the meds yet, I would like a second opinion, before I take any drugs. I started my first cycle of clomide last month. The only issue is that my husband is military and he is only home certain times. What can we do to maximize our chances of getting pregnant? Hopefully you know when you are ovulating you can track it with ovulation predictor kits or Basal Body Temperature and your husband's schedule will allow you to have intercourse at that time.

My doctor put me on Clomid 50mg for 3 cycles, but did not recommend any monitoring. Just said to take it day and if it doesn't work, then to come back. We had all the tests done with my b-friend and everything came back excellent, but it's over 1 year ttc. I ovulate regularly I take my temperature everyday and my ovulation is always on the day 14th so we time our trying for a baby in the right time, but it doesn't work I'm concerned that without monitoring the clomid intake my body will release more than 1 egg and without realizing I might have risky pregnancy if the clomid works.

Anyone else in the same situation? I'm just wondering what types of success people have had going into round 3 of Clomid. I just finished 50mg twice daily days of this cycle. Just starting to get a little frustrated and trying not to get my hopes up each cycle. Also, has anyone had any success w PreSeed in conjunction w Clomid? Most people will have success with 3 cycles of Clomid.

If not, it may be time to move on to another treatment. Ive just finished my 3rd round of clomid and Im hoping it works this time, each round I had really bad stomach pain, headaches, fatigue and increased appetite except for this time. I haven't had any of those symptoms but my breasts are beginning to get tender and im constantly tired, mood swings, im really itchy, and my lower back feels very strange. What could this mean? I am around 7 to 8 weeks pregnant.

Anyone has my similar experience? I am on my 4th mth of taking serophene and i was wondering if smoking is affecting my taking the meds? Nicotine can effect some drugs. In addition, smoking effects the quality of your eggs, and you shouldn't be smoking if you do become pregnant. You should ask your doctor about the direct effect on your medication, and keep in mind that smoking is bad for your reproductive health and your overall health.

I have been trying for 3 and a half years. I starter seeing the infertility doctor a few months ago. He said my estrogen level was low at the time it was suppose to spike. I just did my first round of clomid and went and did my ultra sound. I had 6 follicles produced 4 which were very large. No im waiting to see if im going to ovulate.

What kind of history does clomid have with succeeding for low estrogen levels. I only took one time in my life clomiphene 50gm and I stoped it after my first cycle. I was waiting my 3rd cycle to come and just found out am pregnant! Can ask what your infertility diagnosis was? Congratulations on your pregnancy!

It might have been better timing of sex to get pregnant. Wishing you all the best, Claire. I have gained weight since then bt lost in the middle so prob 20 pounds overweight. I am put on clomid this month from 50gram going back to doc to check tomorrow is my day I didnt have any side effects from clomid so was concerned if it worked?

I work for a Obgyn and she started me on clomd I hope it works just keep the faith in god ladies best of luck to us all. You can become pregnant with one fallopian tube. Most doctors will prescribe 6 cycles of clomid before moving on to other fertility treatments - but it really depends on your particular situation. Let me know if you'd like more information. More information about text formats. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Lines and paragraphs break automatically.


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