2nd round of clomid success stories

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2nd round of clomid success stories

Since I have been on mg I have been ovulating - but no pregnancy yet. Baby dust to us all!!! SC - June Log in Sign up. I had serious hot flashes for the first week taking them and was extremely moody. I'm on my second round of Clomid too. Thank you to everyone that posts Permalink Submitted by Lindsey on Tue,

Have been: 2nd round of clomid success stories

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Clomid cycle day 11 acne medication I round in the stories now. Wishing luck for everyone trying I truly hope those two lines come up clomid you all clomid schedule. BFP after MC last year! TTC for over a year now. 2nd only way to be sure when you are ovulating is to use an OPK, temp, or have your doctor monitor you. So I was a bit down about it until I success your story! Ran from bathroom to living room jumping up and down to show stick to DH.
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I am hoping not lol. I have so many potential early preg symptons but they could also be side effects, have decided not to do any more preg tests until I am to days late. The last 4 days of each cycle seem like ages. Did u have any different symptons? I had same symptoms as clomid but this time around it was very early, was mainly pains and cramping.

I would like to have twins as well girl I am waiting for my first scan to know if I am lucky enough to have that. There are so many twins in both DH dear husband and my family. My mum's family is got 4 pairs of twin minus the ones lost, dad's family is got 1 pair of twin while DH dear husband mum is twin. So I am in the middle, there is a chance of me having twin, if not my first Preg, it might be my next preg. Thanks for that, I do feel different this mth, but also feel as if P is on its way.

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Wish u all the best and babydust ur way. Oh well, we'll hold fingers and thumbs and see what happens! Zekkazoo, hope this time brings you better luck. Thanks for the baby dust Now back to u Drew, if this is only your second round of clomid aren't they going to try you for one more month then the next step? My dr is giving me a 3 month window. Today is CD 27 for me! I didnt ovulate until cd 22 though. I am having some soreness in my breast and they are errect like all the time. Im hoping this means bfp.

I will test in another week. Hey Crystal, do usually ovualte that late or is it the clomid? I felt like I did ovulate this month thank goodness , but on cd I hope it is not later because I developed a yuckky yeast infection a couple of days ago and cant dtd. Hmmmm, maybe back to the drawing board it is!!! I wish everyone a bfp's this month!!!! I do not ovulate at all without the clomid. But last month I o'd on the 22 as well.

Is it to early 6 dpo to be seeing pregnancy signs. The only one i have is that my nipples are really sore and errect. I have never had this happen before. I had to wear a different shirt this morning because they were sticking out lol. Trying not to get my hopes up My breasts have been so sore I have been having to wear a bra at night and I have been really nauseous for the last four days, feeling like I am going to be sick every 5 mins - has anyone else had these side effects?

My doc said he would have expected my follicle to be bigger when he scanned and for there to be more than one - I was on 50mg this last cycle and am due to be taking mg on this next cycle. Have felt really emotional etc on these pills! Love to know of anyone who has had positive news on clomid, one of my friends who had a miscarriage like me, then was not ovulating said she got pregnant on her 3rd go and there was only one follicle showing. First Time Iui Success? New to the forum?

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