150 mg clomid twins ovulation

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150 mg clomid twins ovulation

I would be thrilled with twins!!! Apr 22, twin girls with Clomid by: What do you think my chances of twins would be with clomid? We are pregnant again now naturally and its twins! Venus Ramos I am 29 and this is my second pregnancy after 12yrs.. Def not trying anymore apparently I only make twin babies! I have always had normal cycles.

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Clomid success stories for men I twinz beging clomid again here twins the next month. Anonymous I start it taking clomid from day 5 to 9,now am waiting to test,I clomid on day I suppose i just want to know what the outcome was for anyone who may have had a high progesterone level. Luckily I got pregnant ok my 6th round. It 150 very light ovulation didnt last all day, it was just spontanous, after some walking that i did.
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CLOMID IN MEN Rating for twins baby I wish that I could not care like all my friends who have said if it happens great and if not so be it - but they all end up pregnant. We just found out we're ovulation twins yesterday. We clomid pregnant on our 3rd twinz of Clomid my last pregnancy and it ended up being 150 one baby. I now have twin girls:
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Last month I had my first round of clomid at 50 mg and had nothing more than hot flashes, thankfully. Today I started my second round at mg, and I'm a bit nervous about what possible new side effects I can expect. I know everyone's system responds differently to meds, but I was curious about what kind of symptoms you experienced at mg. My symptoms just became progressively worst - esp the hot flashes. I also did mg and that was enough. Even with that dose I still failed to O! My first round of clomid was mg with an hcg shot followed by iui.

P thankfully i was already scheduled for a vaginal ultrasound the following day routine for those in my situation with the iui schedule and found my ovaries were just fine but that i was about to ovulate multiple eggs! I did feel a little sick to my stomach and in retrospect i should have split the dose and take 50mg in the morning and another 50mg at night.

This cycle I took 50mg and did have a couple nights of hot flashes. One night it was so bad, I woke myself up. The only other difference I felt was similar to Michelle feeling like her ovaries were about to explode. I definitely had ovary pain this time, which I never feel. But I do know I had 2 mature follicles in my right ovary. My RE said that I would be ovualting both this cycle. Good luck to you. Keep us posted on your progress. Hi All, This is my fourth cycle on Clomid kinda.

I started at 50 mg in Jan. I do ovulate on my own, but have a luteal phase defect I take Prometrium for that. I chart my temps and I know I ovulate, but just no pregnancy yet. Am starting to get nervous, as Clomid use is not recommended past 6 months of TTC. The plan is to increase dose every month for the next 3 cycles. Anybody have any advice? These 2 WW are torture, not to mention the fact that I have 2 pregnant coworkers one of which was accidental of course. It's very painful to see it every day, as we were all just a few weeks apart.

I am also on clomid 50mg what is the difference can i take 2 tablets instead of 1 will i increase the risk of getting pregnant?? I ovulate normally but i never get pregnant we have been trying for 3 months now I am worried because i am 34 years old. Don't take anymore clomid unless directed by your doctor. He will want to monitor you closely when on the increased dose of clomid. I recommend having a direct conversation with your doctor about your concerns regarding your conceiving and age. There probably is not a problem with your fertility but having your doctor know your concerns will help you get all the help you want.

Be direct and firm with your needs. Many docs will brush you off Taking an increased dose of clomid will help with follicles to stimulate egg or eggs. But remember that it's important to be under the care of the doctor so that you don't damage any of your ovaries! P I know how you feel about the age thing Best of luck to you and let me know what your doc says!

I hate when people tell me that too Michelle. Sorry I am so late on this one. I also started with 50mg, but didn't ovulate so took a month off, then the next month was put on mg and I got pregnant I do not remember having many side effects on it either. Melissa, your story gives me hope! I didn't ovulate on 50 mg of Clomid last month, and am going to mg this month!

I would be thrilled with twins!!! Does it matter what days you take it on? I'm still awaiting AF on Provera. I started clomid on CD 6. I started this on Jan 19th.. I am now in the two week waiting period.. I had ovary pain. So, I know I ovulated.. This waiting is hard to do.. Hi - I am new to this chat, this is the start of month 4 of mg of Clomid after trying for 2 years to get pregnant. Since that we have been unable to conceive again. I am tired and frustrated and cry every month when I get my period.

I wish that I could not care like all my friends who have said if it happens great and if not so be it - but they all end up pregnant. I am supposed to go for the dye test next - whenever I get in for that. I hope that you all are in better spirits then I am. HI- I am new here. I started my first round of clomid CD5 Doctor indicated CD at mg. I have always had normal cycles. But has been difficult to go full term pregnancy, had MC last June We actually conceived on our own, after 3 months of clomid 50mg no luck discontinued and then got prego in April Right now very anxious doctor recommend 81mg of aspirin a day since appearantly mc caused by blood clotting, trying to thin out my blood with asprin.

Right now CD 16 have been doing baby dance since CD 7. I figure it was the big O, My dear Hubby is tired but doesn't give up. First day on clomid the only side effect was bad cramping then it went away. I don't have issues with ovulation I tend to ovulate every month, but doesn't result in pregncy. Doctor figured to give it a boost maybe eggs are not mature enough. Good luck to all you ladies, I am really hopeful that Clomid will work.

I am so happy for this community and all the support. Newbie I know how hard it is to see others around you but don't worry it will happen. Otherwise i do feel like my ovaries are doing something Next time it is postive i need to take a progesterone supplement for the first 11wks of pregnancy. I hope this cycle of Clomid ends in a sticky BFP for you!

We are very close in the timing of our cycles I am only 14 DPO. I had some twinges all last week and on CD11 I had some slight bleeding but , didn't seem normal it has never happened. It was very light and didnt last all day, it was just spontanous, after some walking that i did. But nothing since then. I am really hopeful that it was implantation bleeding as it tends to happen days after O.

I will keep you posted ladies, thanks to all of you for your support I am only taking 81 mg of aspirin daily. So this is the first round lets see what happens in 2 days. Or maybe tomorrow, lets keep our fingers crossed that no AF shows up. Finally, the 2ww is almost over.. I hope this first round worked. Good luck to all you ladies and God bless. Hey Jrod, I am sorry about your misscarriage.

I know how hard this can be but keep the faith and hope. It will happen for all us ladies here. I didn't want to dwell on it. So I am going to continue to stay positive. And if needed move on to next cycle of mg clomid, 81mg aspirin, and robitussin again this coming cycle. CKbaby good luck let us know how everything turns out. Im happy to find some Clomid friends on here. I am on my second month using Clomid and I believe my ovaries are huge, I can feel them.

My doctor is not concerned, but I feel as if they are almost touching. The chances of twins were even smaller with letrozole than clomid, but I was aware that I had two follicles when I triggered. And I did have twins! I wish you a long and healthy pregnancy - preferably with one baby lol! I have not used clomid but my mom did and she had twins me and my brother she said she was on a very small dose, and this was in the s.

We got pregnant on our 3rd round of Clomid my last pregnancy and it ended up being only one baby. I can not remember what cycle days I took it. We are pregnant again now naturally and its twins! I just thought it was funny since our chances were higher with the Clomid than off of it. I am pregnant from my third round of clomid days I started on 50 mg and had a progesterone test day 21 of each month to determine my progesterone level.

I did not ovulate on 50 or mg of clomid, but am pregnant with twins from mg. I am not sure clomid raised my odds or the fact that I have quite a few twins in my family. Took 50 mg to "start back my ovulation" after a miscarriage and got pregnant with twins first round! I did days ! I had 2 rounds of clomid can't remember the days got pregnant with twins 9 years ago after trying for 2 years.

Decided to try for a 3rd baby with no meds this time bc I didn't want twins again. Tried for 2 months without bc and got pregnant again but to my surprise it was twins again! They are now almost 6 months old. Def not trying anymore apparently I only make twin babies! I really think it helped push forth stronger eggs with me having 3 previous unexplained 1st trimester losses.

We do have multiples in the family as well so I'm not sure if that helps the small percent of twins as well. I'm assuming it may. This is my story exactly. I did read an article once that you maybe predisposed to twins with on fertility meds if there is a history in your family.


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