Clomid 100mg and twins funny

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clomid 100mg and twins funny

July 21, at 1: I had taken clomid for the first tym. Not all those babies will get to go home. I had my first ultrasoud yesterday and even though I was only 5week 5days, there was deffinatly 2 Heartbeats! My mum not to happy that im trying for another baby but she is really not happy that i have had to get help and not having them naturally. Hello everyone, I'm new to this site.

Something: Clomid 100mg and twins funny

Clomid pregnancy test 45
Clomid success stories twins I'm seven weeks along. I wasn't sure where to post this, so I thought I would start here. We BD'd on days 15 and 16 after the ovidrel trigger and also had 4 mature follies. You can't really do much about it m. BFP 11dpo crazy dreams.

I had my first ultrasoud yesterday and even though I was only 5week 5days, there was deffinatly 2 Heartbeats! The funny thing is, the babies appear to be identical, no fraternal. So looking back, my pregancy test came back positive on 8 dpo! Next ultrasound January 17, Ill update again after then. Hi I am 19 years old and I been with my boyfriend for a few years he's a little older for me But we been trying to have a child I don't have any issues but he does since he smokes and has low sperm motility I was not sure about myself so I order clomid online 50gm for my self As a 19 year old it's my chances of twins high?

I have twins on my dads side fraternal and identical So I am wondering if I should take it I buy fertilaid for men for my boyfriend and motility boost also put him on a multivitamin But we been trying for more than a year an nothing I got pregnant once but I had a car accident and miscarried never gotten pregnant again ever since My periods always come even duh sometimes late.

Im thinking about ordering Clomid online from pillsfromcanada. I have read that it isn't real and that it was mixed with other things like bleach. I had been on birth control for about 20 years and decided to stop taking it to try to conceive after a couple years of not being able to conceive I went to a fertility doctor. They said that everything was fine I was ovulating and all my hormone levels was fine that it was probably my age and put me on 50 milligrams of Clomid.

I tried going to the fertility doctor for about 8 months non-consecutive because it was very expensive out of the eight months that I went to the fertility doctor probably only about three of them or 4 they told me that I could try the other times they told me not to try because I had more than one or two mature follicles and they did not want me to have multiple births.

After going to fertility dr and trying for about 8mo non consecutively she basically said that there wasn't anything else I could do except for in vitro would be the next step which I cannot afford so now I am going to try un prescribe clomid which I got from India and it is in a sealed package up with foil on the back says clomiphene citrate it is a white tablet scored with no words are letters on the tablet I heard that clomid taste bitter I had never tasted what I was prescribed before or I also heard it made your tongue numb.

My friend went to a Dr and he gave her 3mo and monitering. She got pg 2nd mo. She lives in a different state and no one where I live will do that. We were also advised that there was a higher chance of falling pregnant with twins on Clomid, and were unperturbed. Did not test today. Go to chemist this afternoon to get FRER to be sure.

Still did not tell DH as it is early. Ran from bathroom to living room jumping up and down to show stick to DH. Rang my Mum and sister because I was so excited, even though it was early. I took one each day just to keep seeing them come up: Tight feeling in belly for past couple of days also. To say we are thrilled at hearing two strong healthy heart beats is an understatement! We are expecting our two bundles of joy on 27 July or most likely earlier, being twins. I am hoping and praying that these babies stick to full term.

Wishing luck for everyone trying I truly hope those two lines come up for you all x. So happy for you! My story is almost the same as yours first 50mg, then mg, trying since Feb Hoping for our BFP in January! Yeah money will be tight but totally worth it: I truly hope you get your BFP next month - there is no better feeling than seeing those 2 lines come up. Clomid worked for us so I hope it works for you!

I was worried that i had gotten pregnant and was about to loose my baby Its a new and uncertain experience All the best ladies! Hello everyone, I'm new to this site. I've been with my husband for 6 yrs and we've trying for a little over a year now, finally decided to go see the doctor about our issues. I have a regular cycle and I use ovulation kit every month and it's positive, I don't know why it's not happening.

Doc planned to let me try clomid, I'll start in it next month, keeping my fingers crossed. I hope this work. I started clomid 50mg this month in July 13 day I have pcos and my cycle last was 36 days they've been longer I had scan at day15 and had 3 follicles. I had my progesterone at 21 which was and got my bfp 11dpo booked in fora scan in 3 weeks: When did you test for your progesterone?

Your result was ml? That's really good progesterone. Today is day1 I missed my af and tested this morning it was BFN: Still keeping my hopes up. Hi all, we have been TTC for 2 yrs now. Since ma system is back to normal ma Dr said their was no need waiting that we should go ahead to give it a try again. CD2 today am on mg clomid also bought another preseed today. Fingers Crossed all hope, faith n trust in God. Baby dust to us all.

Bt i have started my 2nd cycle. Hopin to get a positiv result this time. TTC for over a year now. Hi I'm 26 and first fell pregnant naturally in but unfortunately it ended in a Mc I have been trying for a year and a half, then on november 23rd I started clomid 50mg day then on December 10th I've been experiencing a lot of pain to my left side and lower back with tightening around the lower of my abdomen, my boobs are painfully sore and I'm urinating a lot even waking during the night times for the loo is this all part of taking clomid I'm due my period due December nd Hello all I have been ttc for 5 years we finally found out my husband is perfectly fine and I have my left tube completely blocked I'm not ovulating well enough and low progesterone.

So they first put me on 50mg of clomid and no follicles. This month mg of clomid and hcg trigger shot with one 22mm follicle on right. I am 4 days before af is due. Anyone go through the same that would like to share? I met with my hubby on CD Could i be pregnant. Hi, m really concerned. I just finished my second round on clomiphene.

Am sacred to do the pregnancy test. It's really helping me thru this tough time, me n my hubby got married 18 months ago and have been TTC for prob abit longer, I got put on 50mg clomid but didnt ovulate so I'm now on my second go but on mg taken I actually OVULATED on day 15 which is only 3 days ago, I have also been having achy back and sudden pains that come and go do feel abit sick to when having a cup of tea, I don't want to jinx my self but after reading some of your POSITIVE posts I'm thinking this May just be my time so fingers crossed and thank you again for posting and keeping my hopes up Love n baby dust to u all!


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