Clomid twins ovulation cycles

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clomid twins ovulation cycles

Until the age of fertility treatments, conceiving twins was not considered a medical miracle at all, in fact it was considered a genetic abnormality. I got pregnant on the first round and am 19 weeks pregnant with twins! Your chances of getting pregnant with Clomid are very good as long as you take it for the right reasons and have some tests done before to excluide certain problems. The issue is, my hubby and I tried for 19 months before conceiving our twins without clomid It makes no sense taking Clomid when he has a low sperm count! If you plan to try conceiving twins, you may want to read this WebMD article about what to expect. It is possible that you ovulate and conceive in the first month, or it may take several months before you ovulate regularly.

Clomiphene citrate has been used for fertility treatment for over 50 years. The goal of treatment is to induce ovulation and normalize menstrual cycles. One thing that limits the success of Clomid is side effects, such as cervical mucus changes and endometrial effects. In addition, another factor that affects success rates of Clomid is that many women have secondary infertility factors.

According to one clinical trial, 0. Of women who conceive twins, most children are not identical. According to clinical studies, only 1 of 5 twin pregnancies resulting from Clomid therapy are identical twins. Factors that Increases Twin Rates on Clomid. Certain factors increase the likelihood of a woman delivering twins while taking Clomid. Clomiphene citrate works by blocking the effects of estrogen in your body.

By blocking estrogen action, this effect tricks your body to produce FSH and LH, which are hormones necessary for ovulation. FSH causes the eggs to mature in the ovaries, and LH triggers the eggs release from the follicles. You take Clomid in pill form for five days of your menstrual cycle, and as long as six months.

Conceived first month on clomid. Currently 28 weeks pregnant. Am not entirely convinced it was the drug itself but maybe a change in mental attitude. Hello Bucky my love As you know I will be starting clomid all being well in a couple of months. I do ovulate regularly and my doctor's rationale is precisely that which you've said above: Obviously my circumstances are a little different because of the one tube issue but still it is all about improving the odds. Reproduction seems so ridiculously hit and miss I guess a little chemical help does not go amiss from time to time.

Oh, one thing I have heard is that clomid dries up CM, so it might be worth ordering some pre-seed just in case. Oh yes, my guy also said increased chance of multiples but I figure I would rather have two babies than none and am pretty healthy although less than you I think so should be physically able to cope with a multiple pregnancy. Apparently clomid is a pretty standard treatment for people like me with one tube even when they ovulate regularly, just because of the improved odds thing, so I guess there must be a fair few ovulating women who take it.

Let's hope it does the trick, hey? I ovulate naturally, but after 5 failed attempts at IUID without Clomid, I gave in and had 3 months on Clomid and it does give you more eggs. The first time I got two, the second time 3 and the third time two large and 3 smaller ones. Nurse told me it improves the quality of the egg as well as quantity, but not sure what evidence she had to back that up. The information leaflet my clinic gave me stated that you are 8 times more likely to have twins on Clomid one in ten chance instead of one in 80 naturally , which is why I initially resisted.

Although if you're using frozen sperm that decreases and my clinic has never had a case of twins with IUID. Sadly didn't work for me and I'm now sat here next to IVF referral papers. Good luck and hope it works for you all. Hi everyone, beanieb i hope you get sorted out in your Jan appointment. If Af hasnt arrived by then am sure they will do blood test, if they prescribe clomid they will give you something first to get AF going, think its callled PROVERA but not sure, I just finished my 4th cycle of clomid and had some pink smearing yesterday.

Thought we'd done it this month as got all way to CD Have managed to convince gynae for one more cycle while waiting for fertility specialist app, which has come through for 12th Jan. I used to have to spotting from about cd24 and when they did the blood tests even if i oved progesterone was too low hence the clomid, wouldnt mind the twin thing, just would be happy to be having healthy pg and baby.

Good luck everyone and happy new year. Hey Bucky I have just been given my first course of clomid - due to start af on friday so will begin clomid on saturday - eeek! Hope your first cycle of it went well and have a happy new year [frgin]. Great to hear from all of you. I am on about CD15 now. I rarely get cramps, but this was really bad although it only lasted a few hours. I didn't want to Google for fear of concludng I had a terminal disease but I would get it is to do with stimulation, so something different is happening this month.

I think I have ov now anyway so its a 2ww for me! Good luck to everyone else and a happy Keep in touch so I know how you are all doing. Re the question about will your doctor prescribe clomid even if you are ovulating She said it was a good option because my conception 'issue' is my husband. I love him so much and it breaks my heart as I know he is very bothered by it. He has a very low sperm count and the sperm itself has low motility has to do with direction of travel , although the sperm move at a normal rate.

We bd every 2 days, to deal with the low count issue, as I believe it takes more time to build up the supply when the counts are low. The clomid simply gives better odds that one of those little swimmers will make the journey. We've been ttc for 14 months now. Not a long time, but long enough to get frustrated. I'm on day 18 and took mg of clomid days We also ensure that after bd, I lay on my back for at least a half hour, to make sure no swimmers fall away.

Generally at night is good, that way you can fall asleep and give em a bit of a head start. I do that, hoping that will aid the motility issue. Anyway, good luck to you all.


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