Clomid cycle day 13 spotting scope

By | 12.12.2017

clomid cycle day 13 spotting scope

I use this and dong quai. It took about a year to get my period back. I have been taking opks on day 12 13 and 14 today and they didn't seem positive but when I look at them dry they look like the same darkness as each line, except for today it less. Well, you can easily miss the surge if it is short and you only test once per day Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Years being: Clomid cycle day 13 spotting scope

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Clomid 100mg for sale The body can still shed the uterine lining without ovulation occurring. I stopped vitex in february and in scope second cycle in July, 6 days before period Cycle started spotting for spotting days bleeding for 20 days and I have light bleeding. This early, elegant study investigated the luteal phase of ovulatory women with primary or secondary infertility. I'm absolutely thrilled clomid you both. Got my Day at 2am! She stopped clomid schedule pct of her supplements except zinc because things were going well and she failed to bleed for 60 some days. Would that mean anything?
Clomid cycle day 13 spotting scope Clomid cycle days difference radio
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I am on day cd17!! Guessing I am on the tww so!! Congrats to you both, what lovely news to get just before Christmas. Love hearing the good news as it definitely gives me hope! On second month of clomid 50mg this month. Got day 21 bloods done last month and they were 48 so the Consultant advised me not to increase the dosage. Is this the normal procedure. I read reviews about getting scans and looking and follicles etc while on Clomid.

I'm absolutely thrilled for you both. It really is briliant to hear news like this - it definitely keeps my hopes up. I haven't been on RC for ages now as I got far too addicted but I still get notifications for this thread so I pop in every so often. Still no news for me after a MMC last June but I remain optimistic my due date should have been yesterday so it was a hard day but today is a new day!

I know exactly how you feel its almost 8 yrs since my ds was born and I am almost afraid to sneeze incase anything happens. I haven't been on since before christmas so only catching up on posts now. GP insisted that I go to the EPU, thankfully when I did all is OK and doc thinks that a cyst has come away from my right ovary and that it what's causing the occasional bleeding and discharge. I am soooo nervous not sure if its because it has taken so long to happen for us or because I am 4 years older now since I was pg with our ds, and trip to EPU doesn't help either.

In the meantime I wish you all on this board lots and lots of babydust and I hope to hear your good news soon too. Sounds like you are about to ov in the next hours, so get busy again. The rest of the girls on here may be able to give you addtional advice cos just when I think I have this ov and ttc thing sussed it all falls apart again! So why did I have loads of cm and symptons on day I wish I could figure this all out, so it looks like round 3 of clomid for me!

Thanks honhab for your reply. Consultant requested day 21 of cycle on month 2 of clomid but it seems that I only ov'd on day 20 so Fri is prob a more accurate time for me to have them done. I don't really want to move to mg so hears hoping my AF won't arrive this weekend! Hi all This is my first time on this board. I was diagnosed with pcos about 10 years ago.

I was put on the pill and told to come back When I wanted children. This is my second month on clomid 1st month I was on 50mg but no ovulation, was given provera am waiting on af to start second month with mg. Sorry for the ramble. Monday was cd21 for me so I had bloods done through GP to check my progestrone level, I am devasted that it only came back as 1. This is my second month on clomid and I know I am ov however I think I only ov'd this month on day I have read that bloods take 5 - 7 days to pick up ov, is this def the case?

I have started clomid this cycle too. On day 10 now. I heard it can dry up your cervical mucus so maybe try preseed!! Hopefully our first month will be lucky!! I had a HSG done two days ago I have just started on my first month of clomid 50mg. Any tips on what I should do while on Clomid to increase of getting pregnant or at least ovulating would be a help! Getting so fed up now have been trying for 10 months now.

Haven't been ovulating so feel like I am so far away from even getting pregnant! I heard people mention accupunture while TTC, do you know when in your cycle you should do this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Best of luck to everyone! Hi everyone On 50g clomid and day 21bloods were My cycle is usually 28 to 35 days when not on clomid. Now on day 31 and have had some brown spotting the last few days. Would usually have led onto AF by now. Could this be implantation spotting?

Bit crampy too with very sore breasts. Any one else had an experience like this? Hi nate11, best of luck xx. My cycle used to be 34 - 39 but since I started the clomid everything is like clockwork I am ovulating on day 17 and periods on day Maybe wait till your due before testing, I was so sick last month I tested on day 29 and got a negative and still spent the next day thinking maybe I done it too early and it was wrong. Hope this helps xx. I lost my first baby a year ago at 7 weeks. I have had a scope and dye since then and my consultant says it all looks good.

He started me on clomid 50 and i have just got my 1st day 21 bloods. They came back at What does this mean? Also, my cycle varies between 28 and 35 days and I am wondering does the clomid affect this? On day 29 now and no AF but feel totally normal. Scared to take a pregnancy test. Any help would be great. Thanks tiab for your reply, it has been a long road for you and DH I hope you both get some good news soon too.

We are almost 2 years ttc 2. Funny enough I haven't had that cm problem so far, have been conscious of drinking grapefruit juice and lots of fresh pineapple too so maybe that is working to combat that side effect! I found the SMEP great as it was every 2 nights no thinking about it and we started really enjoying it again. Of course if the mood took us in between times we went for it as well and I think that made a difference too. Clomid can dry things up so maybe preseed might help.

Dh and I are nearly 3yrs ttc 2 and together 16yrs in Feb so I am thrilled that we still fancy each other at all!! Going to bed early, candles and some romantic music all help to set the scene. Have been trying to keep away from rc for the past while as obsessing was getting serious! I am due to have day 21 done on Monday of next week so will be interesting to see how progrestone fairs out after the two months!

Anyway after that bit of an update, I am wondering if anyone else has lost in interest in dtd since taking clomid? I was well up for it before I started on it but now seem to have no desire, has this happened to anyone else? First cycle 50mg, did nothing for me. Second cycle mg didn't ov but brought my cycle back to 31 days. Then just one more mg cycle. I do feel that acupuncture helped too though. Best of luck with your tests. I had app for cork fertility clinic and was absolutely dreading it.

HI mumtodoy i am trilled for you that great news. Very lucky and delighted. Post New Topic Post Reply. Threads containing Words or Phrases: Search for posts by Username: Only search the current board. Unchecking causes a search on all the Boards. Mon 14 Mar, I am starting my first round next week, and just looking for some reassurance really. I am Dani, nice to meet you all: Newest First Oldest First.

Tue 31 Jan, Is anyone gaining weight while on clomid??? Fri 27 Jan, Hi Ladies, My Story is - mg of clomid this cycle - Progesterone went from. Tue 17 Jan, Mon 16 Jan, Fri 13 Jan, Hope i dont mess up my cycle. Wed 11 Jan, Mon 09 Jan, Can't do any harm to BD tonight ad well, cover your bases. I'm no OPK expert but I would say the darkest one, the last one, is probably the positive one.

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