Clomid cycle day 2-6

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clomid cycle day 2-6

I hope it's your lucky month. So far I have ovulated on cd15 on both rounds. Not sure how cookies work? This inactive post may not receive community feedback. Please review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before using this site. These kits measure LH; as many PCOSers have an excess of this hormone to start with the kit just measures that excess level.

Works: Clomid cycle day 2-6

Clomid cycle day 2-6 189
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WHEN AND HOW TO TAKE CLOMID DOSE FOR BODYBUILDING Plus my opk is def positivite! I take mine The second month on 50 mg CD clomid BD a lot I am seeing my 2-6 tmrw, he is putting 2-6 on clomid cycle is perfect da as Af arrived on sunday so that will make day 3 when I c day. Jun 6th, Hoping you cycle enough healthy clomid and you and Doctor are pleased with day US!
CLOMID SUCCESS RATE FOR MEN Clomid cycle day 21 pregnancy test

I found that I felt physically very different - v hot, v horny! Shagged once we got the red light and had to go in for a prog blood test on day 21 as well. And hey presto, two babies!! Yes, you must have a scan. As free says it can thin your lining. It did that to me, and is not uncommon, so you need to see. I am now having a different drug.

Also, make sure the 'day 21' test is on the right day for your cycle, 7dpo, as everyone's different. I am about to start exactly the same amount for the same days of my next cycle. Fingers crossed for both of us! LOVE a clomid success story. They said I'll need to do ovulation sticks too, and after the scan they will either say "right you look like you're about to ovulate, go home and get down to it especially when you get positive OPKs" or "oh no, you're releasing too many eggs, this month is out".

I don't think they do day 21 tests, I can't remember as they told me all this right after I had a painful HyCoSy scan to check my tubes were clear before starting clomid, but I think he said they don't need to do that as they can tell all they need from the scans about whether I will ovulate or not. I would see a specialist if I were you and ask for scans, especially before going up to mg, perhaps as you may not need that increase if you're ovulating on it?

Having said that, maybe just having a day 21 test is adequate, but if so I wonder why they're scanning me beforehand? One thing I've read lots of times is that losing weight can help with the success of clomid if there is weight too lose. Sorry for rambling, good luck! I'm on my first course too! Don't know why but my doc went strait for mg days She hasn't booked any scans though, just the 21 day progesterone test.

Very reassuring freebutton xxx. Thanks everyone for all your answers Great to hear expecting twins, that would be my dream!! Best of luck with your pregnancy. I've had positive opk tests prior months on day 18 then day 16!! I'm currently on cd13 and doing opk tests twice a day. I'm hoping this round will work and I won't need a second but if I do need second then it sounds like I should go to a new specialist first and request scans etc before I up to mg.

Alexandra6 and Sop80 let me know how you are getting on with the clomid!! My 4th round of clomid was successful and I now have a 3 week ds. I too have PCOS and had very irregular periods. From the blood tests i had I usually ovulated around the 28 day mark as opposed to My last 2 rounds were 50mg. Good luck, I know quite a few people who were successful with clomid.

Thanks picklepepperpiper, that's great to hear was successful! Did you stay on 50mg? I have fairly regular periods now, been day cycles consistently for about 6 months, so am hoping this is positive sign!! I take metformin, does anyone else? Had a progesterone test on day 21 in November. Was too low but think she may have done it wrong day as only had positive opk test day 18, so she only did it about 2 days later Sorry to ramble, so many questions!!!

Hey freebuttonbee I just wondered how many attempts at clomid you had before it was successful! I took it for the first time this month, I usually get a positive opk day 18 but was day 14 this month, does clomid sometimes bring ovulation forward? I have 21 day progesterone test weds to see what's happened, am preying it worked!!

These kits measure LH; as many PCOSers have an excess of this hormone to start with the kit just measures that excess level. They are also not recommended to use if you are taking clomid as clomid can and does affect hormone levels markedly. I then had an 'ovarian drill' to remove excess cysts and was pregnant again after second round of clomid, that pregnancy resulted in DS1. When he was 5 months old I fell pregnant with DD naturally to my great surprise! I am amazed as I was told it would be very difficult to become pregnant but I now have 3 amazing DC's!

She told me to take loud 50mg and test with opks from day 9. I'm on metformin too and hav been told it also helps prevent miscarriage. My 21 day progesterone test is weds, fingers crossed!! I used clomid first month I did 50mg which didn't work and the 2nd time I had mg which worked. I think you should be scanned though. My specialist said to do ovulation tests which I did but never got a positive and I must have ovulated as I got pregnant that month! Good luck hope it works for you.

I know some people also take it days or Does anyone know the difference? Not sure what the difference is I've read that it really depends on the doc. Fx for all ttc!! My progesterone levels came back really great and my beta will be Friday! So I'm banking on Fx for you and lots of baby dust. Just waiting to ovulate!! Started bd last night. Opks neg so far which I figured but doc said to do them so I have 3 days now the line is progressively darker so I'm getting closer!

I'm going for a follicle scan on Friday so I'm hoping I can trigger this weekend! Thank you and good luck to you! Hoping you have enough healthy follicles and you and Doctor are pleased with your US! Everyday we are closer to our bfps!! I went this morning for my scan and had two follicles, the larger of the two was only 14mm. He said they're growing a bit slowly but didn't seem worried. Of course I'm still worried and was hoping things would be moving along a little bit quicker.

It's only CD12 so trying not to get discouraged. I have another scan on Monday so hoping to see some progress! I am not being monitored by my doctor so I'm kinda on my own.


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