Clomid pregnancy twins 32 weeks

By | 04.06.2018

clomid pregnancy twins 32 weeks

This means a greater likelihood of conceiving twins. Just wondering if anyone else had twins after singletons on clomid? Yes, I know how lucky we were compared to couples and women who struggle for years to get pregnant, and yes, I love my fuzzy white dots who will be 3 years old in a couple of months , but at seven weeks pregnant and just getting used to the idea that those crazy expensive fertility drugs had worked, giving birth to twins just seemed insurmountable. The NICE guidelines clearly say that there is a risk of overstimulation, so to have an ultrasound at least during the first cycle. Twins run in my family on my mothers side. My singleton first was conceived on femara - my twins currently 32 weeks were conceived on clomid - mg And even though I was vigilant that every anesthesiologist and pediatrician we used was in-network, and our insurance covered 90 percent of the costs, the bills that did come in were still pretty significant. Having triplets pregnancy Multiple Pregnancy having triplets

I'm thinking the diet change really did something to our fertility. To answer your first question, I am 30 years old and 13 weeks into my pregnancy. And to answer you second question I did not use any fertility meds. Hope that I was some help to you and good luck. No Meds, natural conception. I am 17 and 33 weeks into my pregnancy. I am not on any fertility drugs but twins do run in the family I am a triplet and my partner has older sisters who are twins - we knew it was likely we would have twins.

Despite my age I am very excited and have a lot of support from family and friends. Also - can anyone help with names??? I am having girls, but by sister is having girl-boy twins she's 24, 37 weeks and wants help with names too. Since you are a triplet, you have two 17 year old siblings -- plus an older sister is expecting twins along with you. What about your grandparents and further back, how far does the twinning go that you know of?

My paternal great great grandmother had 3 sets of twins, one of her twin daughters had a set, and the daughter of my grandfather's brother had a set I got pregnant at 25 and will deliver at age I'm 34 weeks pregnant. No, I wasn't taking any fertility meds. Twins don't run in my family. God just blessed my husband and I. Good luck to you.. I am 29 years old and 14 weeks pregnant with twins.

This is my third pregnancy, first twins. Twins run in my family on my mothers side. My grandmother had 3 sets of twins and my younger sister had a set. My twins were conceived when I was 33 years old. This is my 4th pregnancy. They were conceived naturally - meaning no fertility drugs were used. I was never on birth control and twins do not "run" in my family. The pregnancy was a huge surprise - finding 2 babies was an even bigger surprise!

Still not sure how they got in there: Are you New to the forum? Chances Of Twins Multiples. You must be logged in to post. You must log in to reply. Are you sure you wish to flag this poll as abusive? An administrator will be informed and will review the poll. Anyone conceive twins while on clomid? I'm just wondering if it's a real risk or more a warning. Thank u so much for taking time to answer. I have two friends who conceived twins on clomid and two who conceived triplets!!! They all said their doctors made it sound like multiples weren't that high of a risk.

My 1st pregnancy with clomid of 50mg was a single baby which hes 18 months now and then 2nd time on clomid was mg and sure enough im pregnant with twins I will be 32 weeks tomorrow and I cant wait for them to get here. I had 3 rounds of clomid 2 at 50 mg and then 1 at mg and they told me the risk was low but now I just found out I am pregnant with twins I am 12 weeks and I am still in shock.

I did three rounds of clomid, all at the lowest dose. I never ended up pregnant those cycles, but I had 2 follicles develop the first round, 3 the second, and 5 on the third. It is definitely a real possibility. In the end, we switched medication, I ended up only developing one follicle, but now am almost 18 weeks with identical twins. BUT my great grandmother had 4 sets if twins my other grandmother had 2 and my mom is a twin.


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