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Whether or not Vitex is the right herb really depends on whether everything has been ruled out thyroid, PCOS etc. It was the best thing that I did in my hole life. Keep some pads or tampons on hand, and realize that postnatal lack of a period does not guarantee contraception! Why did you go into debt in the first place? I used to have very, very tender breasts for 3 weeks before my period, and extreme water retention. Then just one more mg cycle. Hi Jenny, Sorry for the slow reply, been offline for a few days as no connection.

For anxiety: Clomid cycle day 21 spotting scope

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Clomid cycle day 21 spotting scope Instructions on how to take clomid and medroxyprogesterone and pregnancy
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Are clots normal or should I be concerned? Your periods will change over the course of your premenopausal life. This may be a normal transition at whatever age you are, but any change should be reported to your doctor to rule out polyps, precancerous changes, fibroids, hormonal problems — things like that. I usually have a day cycle with no abnormal bleeding. What exactly is breakthrough bleeding and how do you tell it apart from menses? Be sure to report any irregular bleeding to your doctor.

My normal cycle length is from 27 days to 32 days. The past two months they have decreased seven to nine days each month from the last. How do I detect ovulation if my cycles are never the same, and now are only 19 days apart? Also, why are they happening more frequently? You may not be ovulating at all, but instead experiencing dysfunctional bleeding. A progesterone test in the latter part of your cycle, even a short cycle, can tell whether you ovulated.

This is one thing that Clomid an ovulation inducer does. If you are ovulating, then perhaps the second half of your cycle is lackluster. With an inadequate corpus luteal phase, it is making too little for a healthy cycle or pregnancy. Read more in our article Irregular Menstrual Cycles and Fertility. I had two periods last month — one at the beginning and at the end.

Does the second one count for the next month? Women can have cycles that repeat anywhere from every 21 days to every 40 days or so. Also, the menstrual cycle is influenced by many other factors, including stress, exercise, diet, weight, and illness. So even though most women have a period at about the same interval from month to month, every woman is entitled to a fluky one every now and then. Are these two things related? There are two phases of the menstrual cycle.

In the first half of the cycle, the lining grows and is heaped up, and in the second, the lining is matured by the progesterone to prepare for the implantation of a fertilized egg. This is your early spotting. But like the uterine lining, the plot thickens: So an inadequate corpus luteum can be responsible for both spotting and recurrent pregnancy loss.

I tend to have brown spotting three to four days prior to my period. It does not happen every month. According to my temp charts and ovulation prediction kit tests, I am ovulating regularly at approximately cycle day 13 to 14 and my cycles are 27 to 28 days. What might be the reasons for this spotting? Then the rest of the menstrual tissue follows like normal. A progesterone test on day 21 to 22 can tell you whether you ovulated well.

An endometrial biopsy a week later can tell whether the rest of your endometrium lining is in sync with the ups and downs of your cyclic hormones. Endometriosis has nothing to do with this. I am over two months late for a period, but the pregnancy tests are negative. Are the tests wrong? Primary amenorrhea would mean never having ever had a period at all. I am 18 years old, have stopped having periods and have gained weight.

The pregnancy test is negative. What could be going on? This also sounds like secondary amenorrhea. Pregnancy is the most common cause of secondary amenorrhea, but all of the other causes are not normal. The same applies after depo-provera shots and other hormonal manipulations. But there are other more suspicious reasons to experience secondary amenorrhea. An ovarian cyst benign, pre-malignant, or malignant can interrupt the cycle.

This interruption causes a build-up of testosterone and weight gain. And then there is the consideration of premature menopause, which at your age is extremely unlikely. A simple blood test of your FSH could be done at the same time as the serum testosterone. I had a baby two months ago. When should I expect it? Most physicians say as early as two months, so it could be any day for you. If you are breastfeeding, it is likely to be longer. But unhelpful as this is not all of them. So the best advice is just to be prepared!

Keep some pads or tampons on hand, and realize that postnatal lack of a period does not guarantee contraception! Your first ovulation may happen while you think you are still not cycling. How early can I do a home pregnancy test? Early pregnancy often feels just like a period about to start, but some women notice the effects of the early rise in hCG levels, which can result in breast tenderness.

A pregnancy test is the best way to determine if you are pregnant, and a blood test is the most accurate, particularly in early pregnancy. Home tests are accurate when used according to package instructions, usually not until the first day of your missed period. Some brands now offer results up to five days sooner, although with decreased accuracy. Read more about the early signs of pregnancy. My periods are usually very regular, but the last one was late.

Could that mean I was pregnant and miscarried? How far are you into your cycle? Hi Jenny, That's good news it's stopped now, one less thing to worry about lol! Yeah I know what you mean about wondering whether or not it's working if you don't experience side effects, I'm the same as had absolutely none while I was taking the Clomid or after. I did have some strange pains mid cycle that were different for me but I also suffer with IBS so may have been more due to that lol.

I'm on CD 19 now, looking out for every little symptom like all of us! I'm having a day 21 blood test on Monday so really hoping to hear that I've ovulated but hear alot of stories about the blood test not always being reliable anyway so not too worried. Are you having any tests this cycle to see if the 25mg is working for you? Hiya, Were quite close in terms of where were at in the clomid cycle then I'm on day 17 I can't remember how far along I was in my other clomid cycles that I started experiencing side effects but it wasnt while I was actually taking the clomid was further along do you take yours on day ?

That's my days, yes I have a day 21 blood test to follow every clomid cycle to tell me if I've ovulated or not and mine did give me a clear yes I had and at what level even on my 1st clomid cycle when it was only in the high 30's so I think you can rely on them but I knew I had ovulated anyway as I had quite strong ovulation pains but not had any so far this cycle, have you since your last post? Maybe something to keep in mind all my previous clomid cycles were longer than I'm use to being about days where as normally I'm days so I ovulate later in my cycle than I expected to.

Hi Jenny, Sorry for the slow reply, been offline for a few days as no connection. Well, I'm on day 26 of my cycle now. Don't think it has worked for me this time! Possibly a little early to tell but I think I'd have a feeling and I really don't lol. I'll wait and see if AF shows up next week and if not then maybe I'll test but generally I have around a 5 week cycle and like you say the Clomid can sometimes lengthen it as well so next week might be too early even to test.

I had my day 21 blood test at the start of the week and the results were supposed to be back today but they aren't My treatment is also on days , I think that is usual for most people from what I've read. How are things going for you at the moment? Hiya it would be ideal if you did ovulate and just not had any side effect il keep my fingers crossed for you that your results give you a thumbs up I'm sure plenty of people have had similar cycles to you thinking its not worked and then the blood tests have come back as a yes, Its difficult to know when to test on the clomid as its anything but a 'normal' cycle my doctor told me if I get to day 35 and period hasn't shown itself to test.

Well on my day 18 I had pains all day same as with my first 3 cycles so I'm quite sure this was my ovulation day I'm on day 23 now so had my blood test a couple of days ago will be calling Monday for the results. Hi pumpkin how are you? Are you on your second clomid round now?

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