Has anyone ever taken clomid cycle days 6-10-10

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Ask your own question. I thought this might be the start of my Af so I started my cd count over again. And I don't wanna start all over with jump starting AF and then waiting to take clomid and charting and everything Created by 3stoogesmommy Last post 4 months ago. Click here to log in! Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Since being on bcp for 6 years, I was told I was not ovulating, so now I am at this point. I am praying this is our month and we will welcome our newest family member before the end of the year! Good luck to you too. I know this wasn't very useful, but it is nice knowing that someone is going through the same thing and cares enough to lend support! What CD are you on now?

It's possible that this will just be a late O cycle for you? Also, our bodies don't always respond to Clomid either. Maybe next cycle or mgs would be better for you. I'm in my 2 WW now. Anyway, I hope this helps. CD17 it was I'm starting to worry I'm not gonna do good this month. And I don't wanna start all over with jump starting AF and then waiting to take clomid and charting and everything I'm temped to call my dr.

I'm not stressing over anything major in my life so it couldn't be that. I hate not knowing. Do you think maybe this month was just a dud for me and next month might be better?? Why is it that I responded to 50 mgs. My insurance doesn't pay for clomid but it pays for freakin birth control pills?!??! Well anyways, thanks shawna for responding your story was nice and did help me a little thinking maybe there could be some hope. But, at least you got bless with one child I still haven't gotten that yet.

I took bc off and on as a teen only to regulate my periods but, I got tired of the side effects I didn't tell my dad about the bc pills and my dad found them by "accident" and he was so pissed off at me I was 15 or 16 at the time and he thought I was having sex. It was so funny He then never under estimated me again. Well, anyways I'll keep you guys posted if you like I have an opk scope I'm gonna take right now to see if anything comes up I'll let you guys know later if it does.

Hope for the best with the two of you and I'll pray for you guys. Take care and thanks for everything. Muzikgurl, I'm finding out how expensive the Clomid is too. My 1st cycle last month I was prescribed 50 mg. When I went to pick it up they told me my Ins. I got all the authorizations from my ins. I needed the pills that day so I just paid it. Then this month, cycle 2 my dr. Same thing, my Ins denied it.

So again, I'm just going to pay the fifty some dollars! It's so frustrating, as if trying to get pregnant isen't already frustrating enough. They sure don't make it easy for you! Hi MuzikGurl, hi Jenzey. I hear ya on the cost. It really adds up. But what can we do?! I hope next cycle if there is one--hopefully not you can get your ins.

They're 17 now wow do I feel old! I think there's such a great connection between twins - its amazing! Yes I'll be happy with just one! My babies are the result of Clomid. I was not ovulating more than an estimated 2 to 3 times a year, and i was only 24 when I took it, 25 now. I also had polycystic ovaries and my boyfriend was 46, now 47, when we started trying. The doctor put me on 50 mg for 7 days, cycle days I beleive, he was concerned that at 46 my boyfriend had never fathered a child and at 24 I was already having ovulation issues.

We were both wanting to have a baby anyway so no big deal. My mother's family has at least 6 sets of fraternal twins that we know of. The doctor swears that this is the reason I had twins not the Clomid. He told me the clomid just makes your ovaries release the egg. So basically he swore on his life it was my family genetics and not the clomid. I trust him and I do remember him telling me I was going to ovulate 2 "puny and pathetic" eggs once before the Clomid. I was put on clomid due to weak ovulation.

I took 50mg for 5 days CD and got pregnant my first month on it. We are expecting twins next year, however we are expecting identical which has nothing to do with the clomid apparently as it causes fraternal twins. I am almost 35 so not sure if my age was a factor or the clomid but we got twins. Unfortunatley though my family forgot to tell me of the extreme tendancy towards twins when we announced we were trying so I didn't know I had such a good chance at twins.

They thought it was hilarious that I didn't know. I'm totally excited and happy though i just would have liked a warning when i told my mom and aunts i was trying HAHA.


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