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I feel a little bloated with only 1 Tab of 1mg arimidex but going to give it at least a week and then see maybe add another one max so 2 mg a week and see if any issues down there or joints. Just sus and decca with a bit of dbol along? Register Help Remember Me? Any advice is greatly appreciated from someone as knowledgeable as yourself. Also ,had me taking hcg iu at 1. Originally Posted by Mammon. How to properly measure and dose your SARMS: By Dylan Gemelli

You are better off knowing that you got real shit instead of trying some exotic mystery cycle. Remember, without the food intake I don't care what you use, it's not going to happen!! You need gas for your engine or your car doesn't run. Gear or no gear, get that diet straight first!!!! For more information on performance enhancement, stay tuned for JDB. Get real no bullshit advice on performance enhancement from someone who talks personally about what he's done, not just another guy writing a reference book.

How often do you recommend guys cycle a year? I met a guy at work that was big and asked me if I knew where to get some and iv been reading up on it and I want to try it for a year see how it goes.. Hey guys I recently started on testoviron wondering how many ccs to do a week first cycle ever need pointers thanks guys. Or do the test while taking Dbol then the last two weeks no Dbol and just test?

Please reply ASAP help needed. Do the 2 of them together, I meant that your DBol will run out 2 wks before you test would, but yes, both together and first 6 wks is dbol at 5 tabs a day. Ok man I appreciate it. Not sure if you will check this again considering you have completed your conversation, but I was wondering if you purchase your supps online through a trusted sources or just a friend who has the hook up? A lot of factors involved with his death, but why start at 17 when you can do so much more on your own?

Your test levels are peaked at that age already and taking steroids will only start the rise and crash of natural levels early. I do deca TC once a week Deca 10weeks. Or DBol 5 10mg during the day. John I have low T. Not terrible but Im bout to get some test im What do you think of adding a bit of masteron to a trt protocol to keep a hard physique? Masteron is great to use alongside TRT providing you are lean enough.

Although never abused large doses I am currently in TRT. Who knows what could happen in the future with the tips that are on internet. Quien sabe que puede pasar en el futuro con la salud con los consejos que hay en internet. Thats what packs on muscle and strength. Nolvadex helps prevent estrogen conversion at the receptor sites in the breast tissue, while arimadex and aromasyn keeps estrogen from converting to begin with.

The deca and dbol cycle looks very tasty. Being im 37 do you think any issues would come up with libido.. Hey John have you ever tried super DMZ 2. Thanks for the great advice. Should I take it asap or just when symptoms arise? How many mg should I take and how often. That is what I would do anyways. One more question and thanks for replying just need to know this before I start this cycle. But just protein powder alone is low in calories.

Worked out since 14yoa. Had a hiatus of about16 years. Steady work outs 5 days per week for past year different body part each day. Want to add 60mg anavar and deca to my next cycle which starts in a week. Any suggestions for fat loss besides very low carbs with regard to AAS? Thoughts on winny instead of anavar? Anavar is a safer long term alternative to winstrol, but winny will give more dramatic results quicker.

But like you said, diet is a must. John, Would you up the test c to or at my weight. You think 60 mg anavar is enough for weight loss or go to And how long would you run the cycle. Sorry John, I know your busy… Would you up the test c to or at my weight. Your article is very simple and absolutely interesting. How can i use all these products in a safe way?

Can u give me a hand?? I WOULD use clomid in there as well for a faster recovery, but the nolvadex definitely helps stimulate leutinizing hormone production during this time frame. Def get some clomid in there though. Hey john what do you think a proper dose of aromasin would be for an 8 week cycle of npp at mg a week? Also which do you prefer for recover nolvadex or clomid and at what dosage?

Would you recommend it? Like lowering the Estrogen just a little bit? Before I was really more than power now. I must up my testo per week to mg????? U think testo is not enough for me? If I wish to use AAS to pack on mass that exceeds what certain studies by Casey Butts and Alan Aragon say is the max amount of LBM I can carry and my height with my build naturally, do I have to go on TRT at the tender age of 26, or can I maintain by doing two cycles per year and continuing to train and ear properly in between?

I would keep your cycles shorter, I say no more than 12 wks if your plan is to try to recover between cycles. Hey John, i am from india I am reili impressed by your knowledge and kind guidance: I am just 19yr old. I did gain a good muscl on dirty gaining, but the moment i came on my cutting schedule and steroids my body was covered by pathetic looking acne all over my chest,shoulders,back etc..

And may be even developed some gyno not sure about it as i am nt in shape right now. How should i take it for maximum muscle and minimum side effects and what all pills i should take to avoid any problem or future problem and how should carry itand what all should be in my supplementation…. I read yr articles u seems amazing and trust worthy… Please Guide me Sir, i will reili thankful: Your site is fantastic! I am learning a lot and getting a better sense of how all this works.

Its probably to low in carbs but I like that lean toned look. I have Test C, Deca and Anavar on hand. Here is what I am thinking. I am looking for HCG for post if I can get it.. Do you mix the Test and Deca in the same shot? What do you think? Too much for the first cycle? Not sure how much I will ever do again, my buddies laugh at me when I say that.

I have read a lot of your postings here and am very tankful I found your site. Ordering the book today. Thanks for the help here. Sorry for the confusion. I am trying to figure out what to take during that cycle and then after to keep everything in check. First time and want it right. Ok, I had to go look up who the hell helle was first. A good cycle to look like her? Im an athlete im thinking about running a test e cycle the one vial one you posted with Clomid at the end. I know its a longer ester and I could face some problems with detection with drug tests, is it smarter to run Test Prop.

Do you have any suggestions for a test pro cycle? Although the half life of test prop is only 4. So if it were myself I would come off 4 wks before a drug test time and hit your clomid and HCG for 3 wks total, starting a week during your last week of cycle and carried on 2 wks later. But just to be safe than sorry, cycle would end 4 wks before test time. Ok I have a bottle of test E and many athletes say its the worst to take because of football.

I know some guys who take test suspension. Would you recommend a test suspension cycle or no just the test prop. The testing we do is random all year but three months during the summer, but most athletes take things during the summer time to try and get away from the system before camp! John — thank you for all this great info, this is exactly what I have been looking for! I have been working out consistently for the past years and have been able to put on a good 25lbs of very lean muscle.

Simple, effective, and straight to the point. I believe you have addressed my next question many of times in this and other threads but I just want to be sure, safety first of course. Also would HCG be appropriate during pct? Thanks John and much appreciated! The nolvadex and HCG will help stimulate your own test production.

Regarding the PCT layout, this is what I understood. The reason my PCT protocol often looks more conservative than overkill is because more often than not, the PCT drugs in themselves cause more issues than just recovery time alone. I would like to try and maintain my gains as much as possible, like anyone would. Thank you for your time! Hey John I am a 31 year old male with low t and I am taking mg a week for it but I was wanting to try test suspension what kind of cycle would you recommended for it?

I want to put on at least 20lbs by may but drop body fat as well. Can you point me in the best direction? I simply cannot lay out cycles in a response section. Can u give me an advice?!?! I ran anavar at 40mg weeks Today is my last shot of test cyp-prop vial includes both esters mg per cc. I did get up to 87kg, probably water retention. So does this mean 9 weeks from today I can jump back on.

Or 9 weeks from the last pct date? Is there a max before harming the body? First off, loving this site, I love how informative and open it is. My diet is pretty much what you describe in your paleo post except I still eat oats, quinoa, brown rice, and yams. OR should I wait a few months entirely? I feel like a small cycle will help me kickstart getting back into it but I really want to hear what your thoughts are on it, specifically. Best of luck- JD. John I have tren e an mast e i need cycle info how many times a week an how much ml first time on this cycle please help going nuts trying to get answers an im a huge fan of your site.

Last pin was 2 days ago and I am stopping my cycle early. Some advice on which one to use and how much would be great. You need to be using that letro and aromasyn NOW. What would the ideal cycle for me to start with? Test and dbol seems good but I would like to know dosages and my height and weight? Hey, thank you for all the advise you give, and the time and effort you put forth to help us everyone out with this. Using the 1 vial cycle, I eat pretty healthy, with protein shakes a couple times a day.

I have held this weight for a long time, so is there any pointers or advise that you could give me? This may not be comfortable at first. John i took the dbol test e stack exactly as you mentioned but m in the fourth week of it and i have some serious issue. Discontinue usage immediately and go see a Dr. Go see a Dr. Hey Billy, I want to know that the Testoviron depot , you mentioned is of German remedies or any other company.

I want to know since the Testoviron depot is only test-e pharmaceutically available in my country and It is from German remedies. Also I have come across some bad reviews about it on the Internet. First of all thanks for all the very helpful articles. I had been considering starting my first cycle ever and after some struggle I finally got my hands on two vials of sustanol Pretty average body… still very confused about the whole process but I know for a fact I just do a PCT and go clean for 8 weeks after finishing.

My question is how should I go about this cycle and for how long? And do I need anything else while I run the cycle? I have about weeks to look as good as possible. Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate you helping a beginner out! The long chain tests in the blend aromatize easier then the fast acting test. Also ,had me taking hcg iu at 1. Let say I got my hands on: Amridex 3x per wk Super Mandro 3x ED from your site link.

Will this stack provide me some visible results in physique cutting I went from 36waist to at present 34waist in 5 mts on cypionate. Yes, you should see some good results if your diet is clean and your training is right. A lot of bodybuilders stick to the basics the first wks of a cutting cycle and only switch to fast acting stuff the last wks to help shed any possible water weight put on by orals or slower esters.

My waist is 35 but my stomach region measures 37 month before 39 My height is 5. Sir my muscles are not full visible due to body fat. Never used steroids before.. Please help me out? Please get me answers for each of my questions… I would be extremely grateful. I have everything down pat, only thing i am still questioning is PCT. Should i get some clomid? Any advice is greatly appreciated from someone as knowledgeable as yourself.

I am about a week in could i just start running my arimidex now? Just dont want to go overboard on the pct orals and tax my body more than i have to. Thanks for the replys btw John. Hey John, great site and thank you for your work in keeping the community properly informed! I know my diet and can bulk or cut as I see fit. But Im exhausted and losing energy and stamina yearly it feels like. Ive made the decisionto begin gear and purchased 2x bottles of Test E mg from a reputable close source.

I want to stay looking and feeling good for the long haul and small but enough to see good gains! Im currently running your advised Osta-red and pct-red cycle. What dosing schedule would you advise for the year planning out two cycles of 1 bottle each of the Test E mg? The pyramid is more for guys who are younger and already have adequate test levels to begin with. Hi John, I need your advice regarding the first cycle.

I have 1 vial test-e and another test-cypo. So I want to ask, Can I use test-cypo for first 5 weeks and then test-e for the remaining 5 weeks. Will it be good? Also I can easily manage to have shots twice a week, so will you advice mg 1ml twice or mg 2ml once a week would be better. I have 2 20 ml of test Cyprus and 1 20 ml of deca. How does this sound? Got nearly all of my info from your website so, thank you. I added Clen to it and was wondering how this 8 week cycle looks to you?

I just started my first test cyp cycle. Would you suggest any PCT? Or using nolvadex during this cycle? Thanks for all the great information. I would run a small amount of aromatase inhibitor during the cycle. And wait 2 wks after ur last shot to begin traditional PCT for post cycle recovery. Was going to run mgs of test an mgs of Deca every 3rd day for the first 6weeks an then change doses around to keep the body guessing. If using Red-PCT then 3 caps per day for 30 days.

How many vials would I need for this? Sounds to me like you need 56 vials then: I have 50 dbol 25 mg tabs, 50 winstrol 20 mg tabs, I want to put on more size so what would you recommend that I do with what I have, thanks. Wath do u think about a primobolan depot- anadrol cycle? I have 10ml of primo depot and 20 tabs of anadrol I wanna stay light on drol, using 25mg a day. Its a good idea for you? Can you give me some advices? Please let me know if i can do something interesting with this stuff!

Your site is really good, and your articles are the best out there. Never seen a Guy like u in this Crazy world of gyms! Have a nice day! Now your saying mg a week is a good begginer cycle. Do you still reccomend the 1 vial cycle? Or should i wait and get another bottle. Dave, let me clear the air here on some of the confusion… I recommend the 1 vial cycle for someone who is either A. In either case the person can still gain a solid 20 lbs of muscle from either 1 or 2 vials, the determining factor on this is what they were at to begin with.

Thank you for your quick response, I am 24, pounds and have been seriously working out for about 3 years. The problem is i only had the one vial. Not sure what to do i bought some LGD and have been taking it for almost 4 weeks. Not too thrilled with any results yet started at 3mg and worked up to 6. Iv noticed some fat loss but i feel like iv gotten smaller, not too sure.

Anyway im interested in doing the test cycle because im frusturated right now. Also i know you mentioned clomid for pct, i currently have liquid clomid, and liquid ai. Is the ai not neccasary? Also no need to for hcg?. Sorry for all the questions theres just so many opinions out there and from watching your videos you seem to know your stuff. Dave, run your cycle exactly like the article suggests. Im on week 4 of LGD only cycle, can i stop the lgd and start the Test Cycle today or would you reccomend finishing the week lgd cycle, mini pct and then wait 4 weeks.

Im on a lgd cycle right now week 4 can i start the test cycle today or do i have to wait to finish the lgd cycle, mini pct, and then another 4 weeks? Keep with lighter to moderate weights while running winny, make sure you use a joint supplement while on it, and drink plenty of water. What would you suggest in place of the win. I am a clean eater again. I have in my hands 17 ampoules of Test E and 15 ampoules of Test cyp.

Can you address me on how to build my cicle with these 2 compounds? I wanna keep it simpler this time. Thank you in advance???? You can draw them up in the same barrel and hit just once a week. I do not recommend anyone at your age to use steroids. You want to be big? Your body is full of testosterone right now naturally, you do not need to take steroids.

Taking steroids at 15 years old will not help you, it will hurt you, trust me. Yes, right now you need calories and compound movements like bench, squat, deadlift, rows…. And a mass gainer is fine. Hey john, Im doing just mg of test e for 8 wks. Do i need to do the clomid or will i be fine without it? You have answered so many beginner questions, its unreal! I havent trained since 18 im not I am going to have everything there ready just incase. Do i eat double the calories while on cycle even if i want to sort of lose weight but gain muscle?

Alot of questions and sorry but you would be doing me a huge favour. Will probs do mg a week test 2x a week and dbol. I would use the gear to retain the muscle while losing fat. I think i might finally found the right place to get a good advice. John makes it so simple. I am 27 years old and had 5 years of fitness training before i got ibs-d and became sick in and since then lost intrest in training and i dropped from 95kg to 84 now and got a little fat on the belly.

Now that my ibs-d is controleable but still cant eat diary products. All I can tell you is possibly use a joint supplement with chondroitin, MSM, glucosamine. The shin splints are probably coming from certain movements and not the steroids though. However, for me the lull during post cycle was terrible and all I wanted was for my testosterone levels to spike back up again.

They eventually did, but it was a struggle getting through it. I dont want to have to take steroids my whole life, but i really enjoy the gains brought on by them. Any suggestions as to how to go about taking steroids without being dependent on them for the rest of your life? Hello Sir, I m using Bolden mg and Drive mg per week.

But in first use i get serious acne on my body. Now i stop it. Just wnaa ask are the compounds safe to use? I used to get acne really bad myself. I want to ask that which cycle is best for me as i m a beginner. A cycle is only going to make it worse. This could also be a case of hormones out of whack which is usually the most common scenario. I just want to ask that how can i use these compounds in a cycle and how much dose is good for me as i m a beginner. Just let me know that these compunds are good for me or i should buy some other stuff.

If u prefer me to use some other stuff, tell me their name. My body stats are Age: This is my first injectable cycle,previously i did d bol only cycle for 6 weeks. I have a 20 ml of test propionate, 50 anavar tablets, And i have access to nolvadex, clomid and arimidex. Even i can buy HCG if u advice me to do so. Please provide me a general idea or a structure on how to perform my cycle with less side effects.

I have enough Decca, Sustanon, primo,anavar,enanthate, clomid, arimidex, aromasin and proviron and can get hold of dianobol if needed. Luckily i have a good friend of mine who is a chemist and i get all of it from a well known Uk pharmacy brand. I would appreciate your advice in this matter and maybe draw me up a plan of what to take and how, and most importantly pct whats best and how.

It would be helpfull,atleast if u tell how to time pct. I am 34 and found a doc who is providing me with test injections every week. I gained about lbs of muscle. Should I cycle off it? Or is it ok to use every week? I just wana ask you that is it suitable for me? Do i have to use it? Does blood group matters in takeing steroids? Dude, you need like vials of primo to much of anything and at least a cpl vials of winny.

Well john em reall thankfull to you for guiding me. I just need a little more favour from you. Can you please tell me a cycle for lean muscles like something really very good. I m 5ft 5inch Weight 60kg Skiny type body. Give me a cycle which realy gives me much benefit without much side effects. Originally Posted by trainhard Originally Posted by SeanEH. Blessed be the lord, my rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle. Originally Posted by ryanr Originally Posted by ralph4u2c.

It is been widely accepted for use in PCT for decades. I enjoy torem but finding some of these other compounds can get tricky and expensive. I'm bumping this, interesting points and arguments. I have nolva, a reputable member recommended the source so I'm using it. I never heard of someone getting blood clots from it either. BTW I think I'm just doing 20mg at night, its easier. Any more opinions or info on sides?

I'm going to Hijack the thread real quick, I'm on an H-drol cycle right now and will be using Liquid Clomid as my pct, I have it on hand right now. I will start Bio forge prob around the 2nd or 3rd week of pct. Will this be a good enough pct, any info will help thanks. Originally Posted by dopamine Last edited by elephantbatlezo; at It lives, eats, sleeps, fights as a team. Originally Posted by elephantbatlezo. Similar Threads Morning, Noon or Night workouts? By bigsteve in forum Over Age By justinbrown in forum Teen Bodybuilding.

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