Clomid 100mg success stories twins movie quotes

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clomid 100mg success stories twins movie quotes

I appreciate all of the encouragement. So maybe I should get OPK? Trying to concieve and i dont ovulate normally so i was put on mg of clomid since 50mg didnt work. I would have to guess that most of us were freaking out when we found out we were expecting more than 1 baby. Download filme hulk antigo sefsidal mg clomid slow food vs fast food essaysnbsp. My RE triggered my that day at noon. I was on mg of clomid, injectable hormones, trigger plus timed intercourse. TTC SUCCESS Pregnant with Triplets!

I however am the only one out of a handful of friends who did Clomid that ended up with multiples. I however was very taboo and didn't have a monitored cycle and have no idea about follies or triggors. We BD every day between We just confirmed this morning that we're having twins after 50 mg of Clomid, trigger and IUI. We also had 3 follies, two implanted. We had done one prior cycle of Clomid with timed BD, didn't wait until the ultrasound to look at follies and wound up with 8 follies and later with ovarian hyperstimulation - lucky not to have gotten pregnant that month!

Just hoping for healthy babies. My oldest is from mg of clomid just one not sure how many follicles. I had 3 follicles and for pg with 1 on mg but lost that pregnancy. My triplets are from menpuir and trigger with TI but I had 1 mature follicle and 3 more grew fast leading me to quids one we lost. I was on mg of clomid, injectable hormones, trigger plus timed intercourse.

We had 4 follicles, three fertilized and two survived. Don't be surprised and try not to disappointed if its multiples It's ok to freak if it turns out to be more, but be happy you got pregnant and hope for beautiful healthy babies. Congrats on your BFP! Obviously, there is an increased risk of multiples with clomid and hopefully your RE warned you of that before you started taking it.

I am actually extremely surprised he triggered you on cd12 knowing that you had sex on cd Depending on those factors your risk of HOM could be decreased. Well, good luck whatever the outcome. My twins are from 1 cycle of 50mg Clomid. There's really nothing right now that will tell anyone how many you're carrying. Thankfully with today's technology you'll find out in a little over a week. We got pregnant with our twins on our second round with mg of Clomid and timed intercourse.

But like a previous poster said, I have quite a few friends and family who've had to use Clomid and I'm the only one whose ended up with multiples so far. Just try to focus on being pregnant and your excitement about that. Good luck and keep us updated. A progesterone level is a good estimate as to how many ovulated.

My RE always said 50 for each follicle. So you can guesstimate what number ovulated. You won't know anything official until an ultrasound. I was unmonitored on 50 mg clomid. My progesterone level was with my first beta. You are all really wonderful for posting on this thread. I really appreciate it. Twins are okay but more than that scare me just for fear of their health and mine. I appreciate all of the encouragement. I am so happy that I am pregnant and am listening to the advice to focus on that.

You are absolutely right. I just had a freak out yesterday. I don't know where it came from. I will sit tight until my scan next week and think positive thoughts. We do not have any MFI. I was ovulating on my own, but after two years we were not falling pregnant. There were some signs that my ovulation was not "strong" enough, so that is why my RE started me on Clomid 50mg. I needed a "boost. I wasn't being monitored though didn't know at the time I should be so I have no idea how many mature follies I had, no betas done, etc.

I hope you have a healthy pregnancy; KUP! Our issues were male factor and we were using donor sperm. I started out with four and ended up delivering two. To echo Venti29, the first trimester was the hardest twelve weeks of my entire life. All the best to you. I just want to say that i am a little put off by the fact you came to a Multiples board to say that you are terrified it's multiples. I know you are not trying to be mean.

I would maybe post on 1st or 2nd tri and ask who took clomid and IF it turned out to be multiples. That would give you a more accurate response. I would have to guess that most of us were freaking out when we found out we were expecting more than 1 baby. By I understand most people hope it doesnt happen to them. The Bump Baby Registry. Sign up for The Bump! Does this mean anything?

Is either of these true? I will check out fertilityfriend. Hey, I am not sure what symptoms to look for I have been monitoring my temp and that is all I am doing this round. My husband said next month I should get an ultrasound if nothing happens. I did start using fertility friend and it does help me have a better understanding. WOW twins that is great, I think I would be scared but excited.

So maybe I should get OPK? I have been taking my BBT, but I really don't know what to look for in my chart- especially since since day four of Clomid my temp has been up an entire degree from what it was before So should I be waiting for it to rise again for ovulation? And the low- progesterone thing My doctor didn't say anything about doing that. Fertility Treatments K posts 9. Archived Discussion This discussion is archived and locked for posting See active discussions on Fertility Treatments.

What are the chances of BFP on round one of Clomid ? Does it increase chances of twins?


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