Clomid start on day 3 or day 5 tonsillectomy

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clomid start on day 3 or day 5 tonsillectomy

Hi ladies, Hope your enjoying the long Easter Break. Havent really had the headaches which is super. Newest First Oldest First. Junior Einsteins Science Club. Hopefully it is just until your body gets used to it.. I am afraid to be hopeful.

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Clomid start on day 3 or day 5 tonsillectomy What is clomid pregnancy implantation symptoms
When and how to take clomid dose increase Hope your on the mend. I love that man so much Applegirl, so sorry AF arrived, you poor think. Newest First Oldest First. Fingers crossed for all of us Am taking 50mg day 2 to 6, so nearly finished. Gonna go and get some lunch.
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Clomid start on day 3 or day 5 tonsillectomy Iui with clomid and injectables success stories

Hi ladies, Hope your enjoying the long Easter Break. It is nice being off work exra long! Applegirl, so sorry AF arrived, you poor think. So sorry to hear about your MCs. Here's hoping that clomid is going to work for you. I wasnt tracked last month either, dont know why. Doc just said she'd track me on the second month. Gemma, you poor thing. Are you any better now? I'm sure your fed up of pen and paper at this stage.

You must have gotten an awful dose. Hope your on the mend. Am taking 50mg day 2 to 6, so nearly finished. Feeling very sick today. Havent really had the headaches which is super. Am getting tracked this month tho, so feeling postive about that. By the way, I usually ovulate around day 15, for the day 14 bloods, will i be too early to see?

Positive Baby VIbes to everyone Fingers crossed for us all. Ttc since she was 1 with no joy except 2 mcs last yr , both me and dh blood and sa results were normal but low normal. So af due on sunday and con asked me to take clomid from cd1 to cd5 why do diff docs tell us to all take at diff times? Welcome Fairy and Parenting;o Parenting as far as I know unless you are on cyclogest your progesterone level is your progesterone level so that does sound very good.

Mine was only in the 30's before I started taking and the last one was 66 and they were happy with that. My oestrodial is still far too low though so tht is the priority at the moment. Scart I am so sorry I really had my hopes up for you It will happen I am sure of it and sending a bit hug Have very badly infected tonsils and laryngitis. Antibiotics and painkillers and talking to dh via pen and paper Having said that he had a fire and flowers and candles and a hot whiskey for me when I arrived last night.

I love that man so much He did a test to be sure re antibiotics and painkillers and BFN there is no doubt now just waiting on AF;o Applegirl I think you are right about sticking with 50mg if you can, maybe I am biased though as I am dreading the next month with moods headache etc. I think the idea of keeping a little box of it all is lovely, I will definitely do that is I get a BFP anytime.

Check back with ye soon and enjoy your Easter Babydust for us all.. Hi Ladies, Just wanted to post to give you my update. AF arrived this lunchtime. Am a little bit all over the place so not gonna post for long, just wanted to let you know. Gonna go get my prescription for this month and go again, not much else we can do!! Welcome to the newbies, will post to say hi to all tomorrow.

That's a great progesterone level I'm so jealous!! Best of luck xxx. Hi ladies i havent been on in a while but wanted to ask a quick qestion to you im on my second month of clomid 50 and i have had day 21 bloods done each month, i just came from the doc's surgery and my progesterone level is "71" at day 21 bloods! Do any of you know anything about progesterone levels or could it be the clomid making them so high?

Any ideas its to early to test i really dont want to be disappointed again. Are you getting your bloods done on clomid i havent had any scans yet for clomid but im defo ovulating. Hey Gemma Sorry that your unwell, and that you cant have anything strong! The pharmacist sounds great. Good to have someone like that that you can trust.

But not so good when you want drugs! LOL Please god the doc got in wrong and you may have ovulated. That would be great. I suppose being on the 1st month of clomid, you just dont know how much of it is down to the side effects. I have everything crossed for you. I am afraid to be hopeful. Most months i'm convinced i'm preg and never am!

This month I am afraid. I'll give you a progress report in the am! At the mo, watching Masterchef, addicted to it! Thank god for Sky Plus! Am off work til next wed, which is super. Especially cause i only had to take 2 days off work. Okay, until the morning. Best of luck all. Hi I'll second the welcome to PC Yes that is brilliant you have no side effects the mood swings effect me quite badly and I get a headache like your worst hangover ever Scart, I am really starting to get hopeful for your too.

When i was pregnant I was a few days overdue and got a negative test on the day I was due so so sort of forgot about it Applegirl we are really rooting for you too;o Please let us know how you get on. I am CD 32 but I have gone to 34 before a couple of times so I am not holding out much hope as the doc does not think I ovulated from the scan Anyway if I go to Saturday or Sunday 35 or 36 I will definitely begin to wonder.

I have a really sore throat, sore to talk and swallow and my pharmacist knows we are trying so would not give me anything else but strepsils honey and lemon I know he is right but I would love Merocets or Merocaine now He is great really I would highly reccommend him Hi guys, Welcome PC22, the more the merrier! Thats good that you have no side effects.

I wasnt too bad really either. Is this your first month on clomid? Have you been trying for long? Applegirl, CD24, your nearly there too, whats your normal cycle time? You temped to test early or have you got patience!? Have been 31 day cycle for months, 27 days last month, but expected that cause ovulated on CD12 last month. I have felt like AF coming all day today, never known anything like it.

Still feel it now, and only back from the loo. I'd say i've been 15 times today, no joke! Has anyone ever experienced this and gotten BFP? I keep thinking if I get until tomorrow without AF then i'll be defo preg. But how silly is that. Head is all over the place. So sorry for the long rant Gemma, how are you? Scart and Applegirl, thanks for your replies. I'll go to the fertility board and post a couple of questions there!

Best of luck to all ttc x. So sorry to hear yours is the same. Its such a killer. I totally hear you on the hoping DH told me not to test this am, and I did without telling him, how bad is that. I just couldnt help myself. I am usually 31 day cyckle, which will make me due tomorrow. I am not going to test now til Friday if they havent come.

Cant keep searching for a line that isnt there! Like a spa in the bathroom!! I am OK thanks it is just I hope and hope all the time, not healthy but impossible not to do How are you doing? Have you tested yet? Oh do you think Applegirl? Have my own head wrecked this month, its terrible. One thing you said a few posts back about diarys, I dont keep one, but if this month isnt my month I am going to keep a diary so I can help myself to know whats going on.

I dont think I get sore boobs before AF, but if I had a diary to refer back to it would really help, So thanks for the tip. Good luck again for tomorrow Gemma, really really hoping its BFP. Hey ladies, OMG can you believe that weather, just nipped out to aldi at lunch break and its like a winters day. Doing an easter egg hunt on sunday and they have lots of easter treats for the kids.

Applegirl, yah I hear ya on the weight gain but it appears to be gone again now. Hopefully its nothing too permanent! Temp still up and boobs a little sore yesterday evening, but today I feel like AF has arrrived. Keep checking and its not but feels like it. Also had some brief mild AF like cramps. Gone now so I just dont know. Am not giving up hope just yet!!

Best of luck tomorrow with the testing GEmma, will be thinking of you. Hi Any news Scart? How are you doing Applegirl? Yes I think I did put a bit on allright Hopefully it is just until your body gets used to it.. I am CD 30 but have gone to 34 so I would not read anything in to that.. Also IF I did ovulate it would have been at least day 17 or so Am going to do a test tomorrow fmu is it has not come as the hcg injection will be out of my system then Fingers crossed for ye all I would suggest that you post on the Fertility issues board, as i've read lots of girls who have PCOS and gone on to have babas.

I'm sorry I'm no help but just wanted to point you in the right direction. Best of luck to your friend. Hi girls, I'm sorry I haven't read all your posts, so forgive me if I ask questions that have already been answered! I'm enquiring about clomid and treatment for PCOS for a friend of mine. She's know she has PCOS for a few years now, and has had previous surgery for the same i'm not sure what kind of surgery, but perhaps it'll be familiar to some of you?

She got married last year, and now her and dh want to have a baby-she's DYING to have one, and myself and all our friends have all had babies. She came off the pill a few months ago, and no period, therefore she's not ovulating. Her GP suggested that they might try clomid. My question is what is the chance that clomid might work, how long does it usually take, and is there any other alternative out there if it doesn't work? She's very down about the whole thing because she really thought she'd be pregnant by now.

I was lucky and conceived straight away, and have also had a miscarriage as well, so I can understand the pain of wanting to be pregnant. I just would love to have some positive info to give her, so that I can keep her spirits up. She finds it hard to talk to people about it, so I'm glad she's told me Gemma, that is such a lovely thing to say.

Thank you so much. You've made my eyes water. Scart I am saying a prayer as we speak to my lost baby It does sound so promising.. My DH always sounds a bit deflated when he knows I have got my AF, only natural , he is dissappoinoted, not dissappointed by me. Does that make any sense? Don't worry I feel so snappy too on it I really have to keep myself in check so I don't eat the head off someone Fingers crossed for all of us You know girls you both seemed to suffer much more with symptoms, I was beginning to think it was the wrong drug for me as I didnt suffer too bad.

Although felt very snappy at DH last night, wouldnt back down either, I'm terrible! It sounds like its just the higher dosage Gemma, what applegirl says is very reassuring, chin up, I hope its happening soon. Girls, am so excited, poor DH, when i showed him your response Applegirl about the pains you had when you conceived your twins, he's been walking around with a permanent smirk on his face! I hope i dont disappoint him. Tested this morning, on a 10mui test, really silly I know cause not due til next wed!

I am a 31 day cycle usually, but was so spurred on by high temp again this morning. Sorry that was longwinded too!! Gonna go and get some lunch. Will catch up over the weekend. Babydust to you both. Lots of clomid babydust ;. Please let us know how you get on Thanks for the support from both of you, it really helps I still feel it is coming but nothing but I am not hopeful as they could not find evidence of ovulation, didnt rule it completely out but chances were slim.

God that was longwinded,, sorry;o I am on mgs and it is not nice really but if it works they can put me on ! Happy Friday to ye too and boy I am going to chill this weekend. I am absolutely wrecked Any nice plans for ye? Morning ladies, God Applegirl, hope they have eased off. Do you think they were ovulation pains? Will you have appt after the first month before going straight to mg? Its a big jump v quickly I have a question, I have been temping since December, usually just looking for the rise to ensure I had ovulated, but every month soon after the ovulation peak my temp would slowly drop down B Start Clomid on Day 3 or 5?

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