Liquid clomid dosage for pct email

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liquid clomid dosage for pct email

Hazel — March 12, In Terms of Bitch Tits i dont have to be aware of anymore. It is basically a type of selective estrogen receptor modulator or SERM that works by inhibiting the actions of estrogen hormones in your body. If your cycle ends with all small ester base anabolic steroids, you will begin HCG 3 days after your last injection and begin Clomid after HCG therapy is complete. What do you recommend? The 2 most important things would be clomid and nolvadex for after your cycle. Thanks for the info and the truth about what works and how to safely do it.

Results 1 to 10 of Liquid PCT Dosage Hey guys just got some liquid clomid from chem need and just wondering if you dose this stuff exact same as the tablets? You have the right idea on how to figure liquid dosage, but there is no need to ever go over 50mg of Clomid. Quote posted by RickRock Yep what Rick said. Ok thanks guys, what would you dose clomid at? Quote posted by Foxboro. Quote posted by muscleaddiction. Liquid PCT Dosage running two serms is completely unnecessary and running nolva is especially unnecessary Quote posted by dylangemelli.

The largest bodybuilding archive in the world! By vwn2zs in forum Anabolic Steroids. What is the dosage for Liquid CLom? For me it always took a good hrs to kick in, others only need an hour. Also, is this deepening of voice permanent? Or when getting off proviron, it returns to previous state? Is is enough to take Bromo once to get this ultra libido or it is necessary to cycle it for a while to make it happen?

How long lasting is the effect? Is it true it can decrease refractory period to near zero?! Do you have any experiences with P5P vit. Is it true it can be effective method to raise dopamine and be used to fight elevated prolactin? Halotestin is another one that is extremely androgenic but very liver toxic and can only be run a few weeks safely. Something like proviron is a much more realistic approach at taking something everyday for enhanced sexual effects.

Did you ever experienced priapism while on Proviron? What about enhancement of penis resulting from use of SAA? Do you think its possible? Do you know any case where it happened? I know people who used to have episodes of priapism experienced growth of their penis but not all of them and some got permanent ED from it. Never had any priapasm from proviron, but it gets up easier. PT definitely can cause priapasm, especially if does too high.

I do not believe proviron would lead to erectile dysfunction at all from cycling it, stay on it all the time and who knows? As for any permanent growth, I doubt it. Alprostadil for sure can cause priapism. I just wonder if things like Bromo can do it. When libido is ultra high it probably makes it pretty easy to keep it up. My fault, got confused there, not the same thing, name just sounds similar.

Pt is bremelanotide and its pretty much the mack daddy of anything you could take for sex. Its an injectable sub q stimulant that will turn you into a sexual T-rex. If anyone got interested in the subject. Though, all my knowledge comes from reading and. Anyway, I think article about enchantment of sexual abilities based on you experience would be extremely interesting.

Such post could be interesting for you audience I believe. You are correct that Nolvadex binds to the same receptors as estrogen, however estrogen is already aromatized because it was testosterone prior to the amortization process. What Nolvadex does is as you said, it binds to the oestrogen receptors so that the estrogen in your blood has no where to go, hence it has no effect in the body.

If we substituted Nolvadex for lets say Aromasin, firstly it would be very difficult to lower estrogen levels to zero using this product Arimidex is more potent for achieving that , and secondly, having no estrogen in the male body will destroy your cholesterol or lipid profile LDL will go way up and HDL will go way down , making you more prone to building plaque on your archery walls and over time this will increase your chances of having a heart attack.

Hello im beginner and is my first cycle. I have a some question. I want use test enantat as normal for one year cycle. Par exemple every 10 day. And one nanderlone in month for 12 months. I need anti aromatoze and anti estrogene? The schadule of enantat every 10 is correct half time and nanderlone is every one month is correct? Once a month is too infrequent. Running Nandrolone for a year straight is definitely not a smart idea, nor test.

Unless you want to commit to hormone replacement therapy then I would keep your cycle to 12 weeks max. Thank you For the first cycle in my age 25 years old. Whats your suggest for me and how months? I want grow cut and huge muscle. Can I cut with nanderlone? I am runing my first cycle mg test-e every third day and 30 mg dbol a day.

Right now i am also taking 0,5 mg amirdex a day and i have nolvadex for PCT. Question is do I need an AI like arimadex or etc with this light cycle?? How much should I take of it? Where can I get it? The liquid version is fine, and just take 50mg each day for 20 days. Start it 2 wks after your last shot. What is your advise? I also want to do a cycle of deca and dball mg of deca a week for 8 weeks and 30 mg of dball a week for 4 weeks. I did this cycle when I was younger.

I used nolvadex and clomid for PCT did not gave hgc at the time it takes me a long time to get my nuts to start working again. As for arimadex, your doctor is a moron. Go online and order some through a research chem site and just hit the liquid version. This in itself could elevate test levels alongside your TRT dose. Thanks for the reply. Training hard, my diet is on point and the results are impressive. Currently prepping for my PCT, just have some Clomid leftover.

My question regarding pct, I did 10 weeks test ,first course so i wanted to Approach it sensibly, i then started pct 2 weeks after last shot the first week i Used nolvadex at 20 mg ed then i added clomid one tab daily, thing is i felt great Infact i felt like i didnt need to pct at all but i committed to doing so. The clomid made me feel anxious and flat and really hit my libido,is this an indication That my pct is too heavy?

Should i stop the clomid ive only taken 4 tabs and am in my 3rd week pct and feel like the nolva did the job? Thanks for you advice, JM. Clomid can do that, keep taking it for 1 more week. As for acne when coming off cycle, just take the accutane short term during PCT. Thank you for all your down to earth info. I am currently on my third week of testomix mg per week. It is my first ever cycle at age I have chlomid and nolvadex for pct which I will use.

I also have liquidex on hand which I was planning to use. I am wanting to know will this much adversely affect me by lowering my estrogen to much. I am thinking now to hold off until I get some symptoms of high estrogen. My energy levels have decreased slightly from first two weeks of cycle. Any advice would be appreciated. I got a little confused about it….. Your plan is spot on.

No need for nolvadex wks , just use arimadex as you have planned. The nolvadex is fine wks , it will further stimulate the LH production 3 wks after your last test shot. Your plan is very proactive and a great PCT, go with it!! Clomid and nolva on hand for pct. First cycle, 32 years old. Do I need an AI? Do I need hcg at this point? My balls stopped, a do have 5ml of volume but no spermatozoon… oh God! The adex and hcg should help elevate sperm count and natural test over time.

Its going to take awhile, possibly a year before you are fertile again. If its been a year then Id attempt to drop everything, if its been longer then Id revert to a minimum trt dose of mg wk and continue on hcg arimadex regimen. U really need a fertility specialist though but for now this is what Id do personally.

Im looking for a good doc, but I already bought anastrozole and HCG. Im thinking about 1mg day or every sec day, what do you think? I bought HCG and the diluent is water injection. Bacteriostatic water then put in 2 to 8 gc? What you need to do is preload a bunch of pins and stick them in the freezer to prolong the half life of the HCG. Planning on using HCG and clomid. You think nolvadex would be better than replacing one of these? One thing I forgot to mention is that i was taking aromasin at What will you recommend wth the cycle I just took listed above.

Def stay away from aromatizing compounds in the future if you are that gyno prone. Sustanon week mg per week, week mg per week, week mg per week. I have one week amp left week Question is will I be ok to not take anything at all and keep in my normal workout routine, keep drinking my whey protein, and running my normal miles daily for the next weeks then start back on cycle? Jumping right back on will only lead to normal test levels that do not recover.

Ok I know everyone is different but with me staying on my routine and having a good protein diet would you think I can still retain mass during those 12wks? Or will I most likely lose a bit? Currently on tren e ml a week split up over two days per week Monday Thursday with test e ml a week split up over two days Monday Thursday. Is this a pretty good set up. With the nolvadex can you give me your thoughts on when I should start and how much I should take for pct.

I would not be using tren without the test, drop the tren before the testosterone runs out and try to run the test a week past tren. Could you please recommend a good set up that gives the dry gains. Something different to tren but not as harsh. I can get my hands on nolvadex anytime so I guess I use that as my pct starting 2 weeks from last shot. Do u recommend anything else during cycle?? Are you suggesting 1mg Arimidex every other day with iu HCG twice a week and then to use neither of these after the twelfth week?

Just use the Nova and Clomid? You can do it one of two different ways. You can use HCG during cycle and then not need it post cycle, or hit a whack of it post cycle for a cple weeks. Too much nolva can cause adrenal fatigue and overproduction of DHEA, which in turn has the reverse effect on keeping estrogen levels under control and avoiding estrogen rebound. If I do iu twice a week, should I do iu every day for 2 weeks after the last test e shot?

I am 41 years old and been cycling on and off since I was put on low dose TRT prior to my cycles. During the course of these years I was able to attain really good size and definition but this year I am completely bloated and unable to attain any hardness. I ran EQ earlier in the year which I had good gains from and then switched to my TRT doeses only to be bloated and soft, no where near my previous shape. Not to mention I am gyno prone so happened to get puffy nipps. I used Mast P and Arimedex at 0.

Now I would like to completely cycle off using PCT. But its been more than a month. Still is PCT required? If so, for how long? Have searched high and low to get some information and glad I stumbled on your site. Kept putting off coming off but I have no, permanently. I am seeing a specialist to help get things back to normal and for now he just wants me to spend months with nothing in my system, then do blood work.

Along with mg of Clomid? Just to help things along. Any info would be great, thanks. I would use the nolvadex the first 4 wks to help stimulate LH production leutinizing hormone then discontinue after 4 wks but continue on A-dex the next 4 wks. Thanks for the advice John. Yeah I totally fucked up here big time and am paying for it, lesson learned. Will follow your advice to a T as I have all that at home, really appreciate it.

Going to document it all over the next months with blood results and make sure no one ever does what I did. Hi John to confirm: So basic PCT clarification. I have both clomid and Nolvadex. I will run the Clomid as you suggested 2 weeks after last shot 20 days What about Nolvadex? When should that 4 weeks start? What do you recommend for my pct.

I started first injections on Oct 6. I had already finish my test e for 10 weeks. Can i wait for 3 weeks before nolva pct? Or should be faster than that? Because financial problems i had nowadays. How my nolvadex dosing should be? My current plan — Week 1 — 40mg per day Week 2 — 20mg per day. Everything listed there is all i have but with my research and reading your thread i believe i need more than that for PCT.

Understanding also that Deca will stay in my system for quite a number of weeks. Y ran a cycle One year ago for three months.. Two months later i stupidly went on a cycle because it was my competition time.. I was thinking about doing just a hcg cycle a week for two months do you think I need an ai while on hcg alone? Adding an AI will only help increase test levels as well.

Hope that answers you questions thanks again. Honestly man, a lot of this is going to be individual specific. Obviously a heavier cycle usually requires a heavier PCT. Remember that HCG has a shelf life of 30 days after mixing, so what you wanna do if you have to is preload insulin pins and stick them in the freezer to save them for post cycle. You seem like you know a lot about this topic so I would love to hear your opinion..

They told me alls I would need is aromison and so I got that.. They said wait exactly 2 weeks from your last shot and start aromison. I also forgot to mention that I have winny. I was told to use that half way through my cycle due to the fact I only have the amount of 30 uses. On my pct I did not fully say how much aromison I would use. Please let me know what all I need to do here. In Terms of Bitch Tits i dont have to be aware of anymore. But i have problems with water retention so i may have to get some Nolva through out the cycle?

Your site is fantastic! I am learning a lot and getting a better sense of how all this works. Its probably to low in carbs but I like that lean toned look. I have Test C, Deca and Anavar on hand. Here is what I am thinking. I am looking for HCG for post if I can get it.. Do you mix the Test and Deca in the same shot? What do you think? Too much for the first cycle? Not sure how much I will ever do again, my bodies laugh at me when I say that. I made a pct this way: But my balls are still atrophy and I do not feel like my testosterone levels are back to normal.

So I bought hcg 10 ui , clomid and nolvadex, all three pharmaceutical grade to make another pct. Hey John I have some questions. Im going to run Being on trt what should the pct consist of? What should the hcg consist of, and with the pct should I use the nolva and Clomid, or just get back to the prescribed pinning? The only thing you really need to be concerned with is hitting some HCG every once in awhile to keep your nuts from shrinking. What I do is hit 2,iu of HCG for 2 wks in a row 5,iu total about once every wks or so.

But again, not sure how often you need to have blood drawn. Thanks you so much for the reply. I blood test every 3 months but trying to push it out to longer in between. You are the man and love all the info you provide. I am 33 and currently on TRT and have been for a few years. I was wondering what advice you would have for a newbie like me and what else I might need to have on hand. This is why I wrote the book.

Thanks in advance for your time and advice. This is my first cycle. Go with clomid, HCG, and arimadex. If you cannot get HCG then trade out arimadex for nolvadex instead. Nolva is better for stimulating LH production, arimadex is better to prevent estrogen formation to begin with or keep it down during PCT. If I do start to feel sore or itchy nipples halfway through my cycle, what amount and how often should I start immediately taking nolvadex at?

Watched your grocery vlog last night. The you said so just a few minutes in…haha. Appreciate you giving back your time to help others me! Aromatase inhibitors prevent the conversion in the first place. HCG, you want insulin syringes, any sort of slin pin will work. The 1 ml pins make life easier. Last question, and thanks for answering so detailed. I read that someone said you can mix your HCG the first week of your cycle and fill pins with it and then freeze your pins.

It supposedly only takes a few minutes of warm fingers to thaw it out completely to room temps. Ever heard of this? That was probably me who said that. Yea, they thaw really fast, the warmth of your fingertips will thaw them in less than a minute or two. About to begin a new cycle and didnt want to go to heavy. Why did you sway away from Tren and as far as pct what would you recommend.

Thanks for the input btw. Thank you very much for your time and help! I unfortunately dont have access to HCG at least not yet , but I have plenty of all of the following on hand: Can you please help me finish out the rest of my cycle…. I need some guidance if you have the time.. The above comment is mine…. I found a buddy who has HCG and also a bunch of Aromasin. I can get as much as I need of any of them.

I cannot answer all of that in a comment reply. It will go far beyond what I can answer here in a comment. Sounds like a plan. Does the book talk about normal blood levels and testing your blood, etc.. Way more than I could ever answer here bro. I want to run a low dose of test at a week,with maybe of bold for say 10 weeks,but the test to start,I have hcg,would it be necessary to hcg twice a week or not on that low of test,or does it matter if I stack it with or without bold or Orals.

One vial of Test E for an 8 week cycle at mg for 6 weeks with two weeks in the middle at mg. Does this look alright considering it is a first cycle? Thanks in advance man! What are your thoughts on a first ever cycle of mg Test E for 10 weeks but running it with 50mg Proviron each day? I can run the test at mg but since its a first cycle I was being cautious. Should I run or mg and should I use the Proviron or not in your opinion? Hey john would appreciate some advice 22 year old running my first cycle was planning on doing mg test enthanate and mg deca per week per week.

When should I drop the deca In my cycle? How much arimidex should I take? Thank you very much from Italy. I can remember my buddy 25 years ago taking Test and Anadrol and only having nolvadex on hand in case or maybe he took 1 tab per day…I dont remember. But my point is, at what point is it too much to take? If I have nolvadex on hand for any itchy or puffy nipples during, what would be the next best thing to have for PCT or to take during the cycle?

If they will benefit me then cool. Have we come so much farther that these things are proven to make that BIG of a difference or not? Hey john would appreciate some advice: Plan to keep test Prop for another week or two and then start PCT. What would you do and recomend for PCT? I can find pretty much everything.. Its good to use during cycle but the only reason I dont use it this way is the shelf life is only 30 days once its mixed, you can preload lins and stick in freezer but its a pain in the ass.

So I just run a whack of hcg every wks or so. Also just wanted to ask can both be used together? Usually I just use clomid or clomid and nolva. Or is it best to run hcg first for a couple of weeks and then clomid. My last pin of prop was about 3 days ago so am ready to start tomorrow. Hey John, awesome site. So im 33 and im going to run a cycle of test E alone.

I do not want to gain too much weight as im looking more into a lean muscle shape. I believe im a little bit gyno prone. What do you recommend? Hey John, great article. First off my cycle was as follows: I read that eq stays in the system for about 3 weeks after the last shot and since I originally planned on starting my PCT 2 weeks after should I reconsider and start it 3 weeks after due to the EQ? I am 23 years old and used a prohormone called epistane a couple years ago but as for injectables this is my first cycle.

Thanks and all the best. Im 35 years old 6. Do you think any pct will be necesarry. Im gonna rest 12 weeks then hit it with ml weekly for 9 weeks. How much if each and for how long. I also have enough to run a full cycle of ml a week but decided to start lite. Will it even be worth it? How much of nolva and clomid and for how long if onky taking ml of test for 9 weeks. Hi Please i am gettin little bit confused. I have a gyno from teen age os i guess i am sensitive for that.

Please help me Thank you Radim. If you have past issues with gyno then my suggestion would be arimadex as well as nolvadex. Nolva will be better at stimulating leutinizing hormone what makes your nuts produce testosterone again but arimadex is better at keeping estrogen from rising or forming in the first place. The 2 in conjunction with one another will help for a speedier recovery.

I just want to stay below that line where rewards still outweigh the risks. My goal is to do 2 cycles over the next 18 months and stop. I just want a bigger, stronger, better looking physique. My 2nd cycle will be mg Test E, mg Primobolon and 50mg Proviron. Do the amounts in both cycles look ok?


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