Fast Diet: The Top 3 Fast Diets And The Fast Diet That Is King Of Fast Dieting

By | March 13, 2018

The major problem with a fast diet and fast dieting is the faster you lose weight the faster you will gain it back, if you do not have an exit strategy.  In other words, a fast diet must also have a maintenance plan that you can follow to keep the weight off.  Fast diets are great for fat loss but lousy for maintaining that loss.

That Being Said…

Now that we have established the need for a maintenance plan, lets look at some tips for either creating a fast diet or finding a fast diet blueprint to follow.  Fast diets are more satisfying than the slow plodding method but are they safe and are they sustainable. Is fast dieting for you?

How Fast Is Fast Dieting?

Ok, most experts, who ever they are, recommend losing no more than 2 pounds a week.  Now the fact that every human being is different makes me doubt this one size fits all approach but the 2 pounds a week thing can at least give us a reference point to discuss how fast a fast diet is.

I feel any diet that can give you 4 or more pounds a week average loss is a fast diet and believe me there are fast diets out there that can almost double that fat loss speed.

Fast Dieting Can Be Complicated

Fast diets and fast dieting can be complicated with a lot of supplements that need to be taken at certain times of the day and strict schedules to follow but fast dieting is also nice because you get the diet over with more quickly.  I would say that fast diets and fast dieting are not really doable if you have more than 20 lbs to lose.  It is best for those who just want to drop 10 to 15 lbs. There is one exception to this guideline and we will discuss it later.

Fast Diets Breaking The Diet Speed Limit

The Fat loss Blue Print is a very fast diet.  It takes fast dieting to the very edge of the speed limit but it is complicated.  You are given a shopping list for a lot of supplements and then you are given a strict schedule to follow that outline what to eat and drink and when to do it.  The results are amazing. Among our 7 test subjects they lost an average of 20.4 pounds in 21 days.  This fast diet is available through the Every Other Day Diet as an up sale.  I would add that The Every Other Day Diet itself is a great diet, but it doesn’t break any speed limits.

Fast Dieting at Warp Speed

Warp Speed Fat Loss is huge fat loss program.  Our test subjects averaged 18.7 pounds in 21 days with this program.  It has a ton of modules with it and even accommodates vegetarians.  It is a bit less complicated than the Fat Loss Blueprint but you don’t quite lose as much weight with this fast diet as you do with the fast dieting Blueprint

The Mother Of All Fast Diets And Fast Dieting

The hCG diet protocol was first developed in the 1950’s by Dr.Simeon.  He was a medical doctor who studied the effects the pregnancy hormone hCG had on the human body.  One thing he noticed was its uncanny ability to make a persons fat cells open for business.  Normally our body’s fat cells are pretty stingy with their stores, but under the influence of hCG that all changes.

The hCG diet protocol takes advantage of this fact and creates a fast diet that even obese individuals can use.  The hCG diet protocol causes rapid weight loss in virtually everyone who follows it faithfully with no exceptions.  It is a life-changing fast diet and the best of the fast diets. I do not have room here to fully explain it all but if you go to my links page posted below you will find a link to all of the diets mentioned in this article.

Fast diets can help you get to your weight goals fast, but you need a plan to keep the weight off or a fast diet will do you no good.

Christian Walker is a health lecturer, teacher, author and the owner of The Diet Clearing House