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Swedish authorities clear 'Natural Cycles' birth control app

Swedish authorities have cleared a birth control app known as “Natural Cycles” just two weeks after British authorities banned a company ad from Facebook. The app at the center of the investigation was recently approved in the U.S. and relies on the “rhythm method” of birth control, which tracks women’s ovulation to determine which days… Read More »

Birth Song Botanicals Fertile Ground Best Fertility Liquid Tincture with Top Herbal Blend, 2 oz.

Fight infertility with this expert blend that helps support and naturally regulate a healthy menstrual cycle while preparing your body for pregnancy. Proven ingredients and herbs include vitex berries, ashwagandha, red clover, red raspberry leaf, mother’s wort and more. This tincture is easy to take alone or with a beverage in the morning. A great… Read More »