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Care Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor – Classic Edition, 5″ – 8″ Cuff Size- Batteries and Case Included

Start testing with this Care Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff – Classic Edition, 5″ – 8″ Cuff Size- Batteries Included Features: •It is easy to use and is clinically accurate. •It can keep track of up to 90 readings each for 2 poeple with an average of the last 3 results. •It is… Read More »

Rosacea And Skin Care

by Internet Archive Book Images Bill Clinton and J.P. Morgan both faced the problem of rosacea once and while working sensible for their skin they could overcome it. Skin issues bother everybody at one time or another. Some people face the problem of acne; others are worried about changing skin color, some complaint of having… Read More »

A System For Health Care

by Brokentaco The United States is engaged again in a debate on health care and the best system to provide and receive health care. Other nations across the planet have similar debates and there are different approaches to care in different countries. I add my opinions as a provider and consumer of health care to… Read More »

Prebiotics Health Care

by Becker1999 Ancient to modern times, Traditional Chinese Jie You, “the source of colon are numerous” theories “for enriching longevity, intestine often clear,” This is the ancient tradition of health claims. Royal Society of Medicine in London, a British physician that: As the long-term water consumption, many of which will be deposited the body of… Read More »