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Health Benefits Of Distilled Water

Water is important to human life and you cannot do without it. It goes without saying that you need to get it in the safest form. Researchers have proven that distilled water is the purest form of water and it comes with a lot of benefits. What Does Distillation Mean? Water is distilled through a… Read More »

Defining Health and Fitness

by Abrie Valentine Defining Health and Fitness What defines health & fitness?  Most people would associate a person with a great sculpted physique to be of a healthy standard of fitness. Fitness nowadays seems to be measured upon (a six-pack) (how many blocks of abs are showcased), or a minimum of subcutaneous fat around the waist or… Read More »

StartUp Health scores another $31M for its Transformer II fund

What’s happening? This morning StartUp Health, a digital health group that supports, connects, and finances startups, announced that it raised $ 31 million in funding from Novartis, Ping An Group, Chiesi Group, GuideWell, Otsuka, Masimo, and other private investors.  Why it matters StartUp Health works with young digital health companies by coaching, mentoring, and helping… Read More »